At last! Affordable, fresh and honest-to-goodness real coffee is now available at select 7-Eleven stores in Mega Manila.  Just follow the lighted City Blends logo and you’re all set for one of the most convenient and flavorful caffeine fix of your life.

7-Eleven Technology Center Building

I know, because I’ve tried a Mochaccino yesterday at their Technology Center branch in BGC, Taguig.  And it is delish!


Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), the country licensee of 7-Eleven finally launched its latest coffee brand City Blends last January to a total of 258 stores in Metro Manila and plans to hit its 700th store mark before the end of the year.


You might be wondering what’s all the fuzz about coffee and 7-Eleven – well, it is only logical to find coffee at a 24-7 convenience store right?  And according to PSC Head of Strategic Merchandise Division Armi Cagasan, they’ve been trying to come out with the perfect freshly brewed coffee product for their 7-Eleven store since 2007.

Armi Cagasan
Armi Cagasan

They’ve tried everything, from hot water dispensers to counter top coffee makers.  And then after years of searching… Voila!  They stumble upon the most perfect coffee dispensing machine that spells out 7-E-L-E-V-E-N with every drop and aroma.

City Blends Machine
City Blends Machine

City Blends

City Blends is an honest-to-goodness coffee brand that has been developed carefully to suit the needs of all 7-Eleven customers.  It guarantees that each cup is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans that is freshly made, every single time.  Aside from its brewed coffee, it also offers other hot beverages like French Vanilla, Mochaccino and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate.

100% Arabica
100% Arabica

The surprising thing about City Blends is not the contraption but the price of its coffee per cup.  For as low as 20 pesos, you can already enjoy a warm cup of joe anytime of the day.

8oz cup (small) – 20 pesos

12oz (medium) – 29 pesos

16oz (large) – 39 pesos 


PSC Marketing Communications Division Manager Lee Esguerra said that although most 7-Eleven outlets have ample spaces for dine-in customers, City Blends’ initial market are the people on-the-go who want their coffee fast, easy and for take-out.

Lee Esguerra, Kendra Feliiciano, Charlene Harn and Armi Cagasan
Lee Esguerra, Kendra Feliiciano, Charlene Harn and Armi Cagasan

How To Get Your Coffee:

  1. Choose the size of your cup.
  2. Press the button of your desired beverage and size.
  3. Pay at the counter.


City Blends Honest-To-Goodness Valentine’s Coffee Cups

Now for the reason why I was at 7-Eleven Technology Center, BGC yesterday?  Well, I was there to check out the official launch of City Blends’ Valentine’s Cups.

Valentine's Cup Launch
Valentine’s Cup Launch

PSC Category Managers for Coffee, Kendra Feliciano and Charlene Harn said that from February 11 to 24, City Blends will give each customer a chance to express themselves with an Honest-To-Goodness limited edition coffee cups that has three designs you can choose from – the #HonestlySingle cup, the #HonestlyTaken cup and the #HonestlyComplicated cup.

Kendra Feliciano
Kendra Feliciano
Charlene Harn
Charlene Harn
Valentine's Day Cups
Valentine’s Day Cups

Join the fun!  Grab an Honest-To-Goodness limited edition cup that best describe your love life at the moment, write on the blank space provided on each cup, go into selfie mode and upload your photo on Instagram and use the hashtags #711CityBlends and #Honestly – and remember, BE HONEST!

It's Complicated Cup
It’s Complicated Cup

At the end of this Valentine’s Day campaign, PSC will have an unofficial tally of statuses of people who drinks coffee at 7-Eleven.  I can already tell that this Honest-To-Goodness cups will be a regular thing from now on at 7-Eleven!

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