Finally got the chance to talk to Sancho Delas Alas last week (January 29) during his early birthday celebration held at the Childhaus Center for young cancer patients in Quezon City.  It was an outreach birthday event organized by the GMA Artist Center led by its PR and Events Head Mark Sablan together with GMA Network’s Senior Manager for Contracts Administration Vic Del Rosario, Jr.

Childhaus is a favorite outreach venue of GMA Artist Center and I have visited this place many times already but the feeling that I get after seeing these young kids fighting this dreaded disease is still the same.  It’s so heartbreaking.

The kids at Childhaus
The kids at Childhaus

But of course, however sad the situation maybe, GMA talents who visit there have only one goal – and that is to spread some joy, laughter and a whole lot of  love to help uplift the spirits of these courageous kids.

Sancho was not there alone, he was with fellow January birthday celebrants Diva Montelaba, Stephanie Sol, Ervic Vijandre, Vince Velasco, Vince Gammad and Miggy Jimenez.  Hosted by Tess Bomb, the birthday celebrants each performed a number for the kids, after the program they distributed snacks and special treats from sponsors Mogu Mogu, Thai Tea, Kambal pandesal, Le Donne, Sundance and YSA Skin Care.

Vince V, Sancho, Diva, Stephanie, Miggy, Ervic and Vince G
Vince V, Sancho, Diva, Stephanie, Miggy, Ervic and Vince G

While the rest of guys either danced or sang a song for the kids, Sancho on the other hand performed a magic trick for his very young audiences.  It was a card trick – an impressive and surprising talent indeed.

During the course of our interview, Sancho said that the magic trick performance was all his mother’s idea.  Her mom, yes.. you all guessed it right – comedy queen AI AI DELAS ALAS.

Sancho does his card trick
Sancho does his card trick

Sancho confessed that her mom was the stage-mom type, in fact, the night before the event at Childhaus, Ai Ai sent him an SMS to suggest the magic trick act and also to bring cookies for the kids.  The event last Thursday was Sancho’s first birthday celebration with GMA Artist Center and he just turned 24 last January 31.

He told us that the plan was to celebrate his birthday with family and friends at their clubhouse on the 31st – I have no confirmation if this actually happened but I am guessing that it did.

Sancho Delas Alas

Anyway, aside from doing magic inside the kitchen, Sancho’s magic card trick was a hobby that he learned from a mentor-friend.  The acting part however, was already in his blood being the son of a famous actress-comedienne AI AI DELAS ALAS and an awesome stage actor REY MALTE.

That is why it’s not surprising that he would end up being an actor himself, because as the old saying goes – ‘most apples don’t fall too far from the tree.’

Together with ‘stage mom’ Ai Ai, Sancho signed a contract with GMA last December 18.  He’s currently undergoing a 10-day workshop and will soon find out which projects he will engage in this year.

Sancho said that it was his dream to become an actor and is now both excited and also dumbfounded at how things are falling fast in its proper places.  Based on personal assessment, the now 24 year-old actor said that his current acting strength is leaning towards drama but is very much open to doing other things like comedy – her mom’s territory.

On a more personal note, Sancho is pretty much very close with her mom Ai Ai, so we asked Sancho about family matters and his thoughts about Gerald Sibayan.  Gerald (21) is the current boyfriend of Ai Ai (50) – it’s a May-December kind of relationship as people would describe it.

Sancho said that him and Gerald are ‘super friends’ – he added that contrary to what the news are saying, Gerald is not his school mate and only met him thru his mom.  Sancho said that he has no problem with the age gap thing and made it clear that it was Gerald who courted his mom and that there was no money involve in the equation.

Hard to believe for some people, but Sancho said that they’ve never been so happy.  Her mom is happy and that is what only matters to the young actor.

“From the very start, my mom and I already made a deal – that as long as we are happy, sino pa yan o ano pa man, we’ll support each other.  Manghihimasok lang kami ‘pag nakita namin na hindi na healthy o hindi na happy ang nangyayari.  Ang promise ko lang, hinding hindi na mauulit yun nangyari dati.”  Sancho said

He is of course talking about her mom’s short-lived marriage to Jed Salang.

Sancho with Vince Velasco showing the cards that the Childhaus kids gave them
Sancho with Vince Velasco showing the cards that the Childhaus kids gave them
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