This December, leading watch manufacturer TIMEX will bring back some old-school elegance with its Waterbury Collection!

The iconic American brand had its roots in 1854 with the founding of the Waterbury Clock Company in the town of Waterbury, Connecticut.  From its earliest days when it moved timekeeping from the pocket to the wrist, Timex has been synonymous with innovation and timeless design.  That’s over 160 years of watch-making history, transforming timekeeping into a true expression of personal style.


The Waterbury Collection not only pays tribute to Timex’s heritage as an authentic watchmaker but also brings to the new generation a modern adaptation of a vintage time piece.

“The case design, materials, dial graphics and leather straps all pay homage to the origins of the Timex brand.  Yet, the design is clean and modern.  That is essential to create space for the story that this watch tells to the consumer,” says Timex Creative Director, Giorgio Galli.

Available in four color combinations, the 40mm, stainless steel case is complemented by a leather strap that will shape to your wrist with wear. Of course, Timex’s proprietary Indiglo night-light is used to light the vintage-inspired dial.

The Waterbury Collection is timeless, elegant and uncomplicated, celebrating Timex’s true American roots.

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