Ever thought about what you’d like engraved on your tombstone?

It’s never too early to plan these things but of course you need to have a funeral plan first – you don’t want your kin to just put your corporeal form just anywhere when your time runs out right?


Anyway, assuming that you already have a plan let’s talk about what you would put on your grave’s stone marker.  Well aside from your NAME, DURATION OF LIFE and the initials RIP which stands for REST IN PEACE, let’s take a look at some of the coolest inscriptions or what we call ‘Epitaphs’ that people are dreaming of putting on their tombstones.

To put it in a ‘now’ perspective, a tombstone is like your Facebook Timeline Cover.  It’s like a reflection of your life, you wouldn’t want it to look very boring – not unless you are like that when you’re still alive.  People would usually key in a few verses from the bible, a prayer, a favorite song, a poem or a well-known quote.  They would also write special dedications like, ‘This person is a good person!’ or ‘We love you Mr. Krabs!’

But I guess, people today are now thinking of better inscriptions that would either serve their narcissistic cravings or make their grand exit more memorable.  Not that it would matter because you’re already dead, but hey, all the living will still have a blast when they see your wall post!

Here are TEN awesome short epitaphs that I vote to see on the tombstones of people based on their personalities or career choices:

1.  ‘GTG BRB :)’ – text savvy and always connected

2. ‘Had a Great Laugh, Then Stopped Breathing’ – a comedienne

3. ‘Your Ads Here’ – an entrepreneur

4. ‘Don’t Step On The Grass’ – an environmentalist

5. ‘Now I Want Meat’ –  a vegan

6. ‘You’re Next!’ – a psychic

7. ‘www.sitenameofdeadperson.com’  – a blogger

8. ‘I’m So Dead!’ – a health professional

9. ‘Return To Sender’ – a post man

10. ‘Not Dead, Abducted.’ – ancient astronaut theorist

So that’s ten short epitaph suggestions for you.  There are more out there, if you have other cool epitaphs in mind please don’t be shy and drop one or two on the comment field below this post.

There is still one last inscription that would really make your grave site trend especially during all souls day when Filipinos go to memorial parks to visit their dead – chalk in a “FREE WIFI” sign on your tombstone and presto! – you’re now an instant star!

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