wagChurch groups, spearheaded by the Archdiocese of Manila is taking the campaign against graft and corruption a step further by mass producing shirts that bears the words, “Huwag Kang Magnakaw!” – Thou Shall Not Steal.

Through the shirts, church officials hope to educate, inspire and help eradicate the culture of greed and thievery among Filipinos.  The shirt also aims to give back the people’s sense of pride in themselves.

Father Nonong Fajardo said that out of The 10 Commandments, they chose to highlight the 7th Commandment because it seemed that stealing had become a norm already to many Filipinos.

Fr. Nonong Fajardo
Fr. Nonong Fajardo

“We want to remind everyone that values formation starts at home. Filipino families should address the issue of stealing at home and stop passing the blame to someone else or the government.” Fajardo said.

The “Huwag kang magnakaw” shirts are sold at Adamson University for P150 each.  The proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be used for forums and programs discussing the issue of stealing.

While this may be considered as a very noble gesture and a worthy cause, I very much doubt that seasoned ‘thieves’ in the government as well as their apprentices would see this as a deterrent.  It just might work on the grass root level, which I think is the primary goal of the campaign. But, for those already getting millions and billions of pesos on their illegal transactions? I guess they’ll produce a different kind of shirt, one that will bear the words –  ‘Keep Calm and Keri Lang!’


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