10606527_558288917632342_883904654685266619_nDirek Dominic Zapata is at it again!  After the success of the primetime series MY HUSBAND’S LOVER and CARMELA, he now directs another thought-provoking drama series on GMA as he is set to show TV audiences nationwide a one-of-a-kind love story that dwells on a strange phenomenon called ‘shared memory’ in HIRAM NA ALAALA.

Premiering on September 22 (Monday), Hiram Na Alaala narrates how one soldier’s trauma became instrumental in bringing back a great love.  Starring four (4) of the Philippine’s most talented and sought-after actors and actresses – Dennis Trillo, Kris Bernal, Rocco Nacino and Lauren Young.

Lauren Young, Dennis Trillo, Kris Bernal and Rocco Nacino

In the series, Ivan Legaspi (played by Dennis Trillo) meets Joseph Corpuz (Rocco Nacino) in the army and instantly became the best of friends.  Joseph shared his stories about Andrea Dizon (played by Kris Bernal) and their love for each other, but in an unfortunate encounter with rebels, both men were captured and tortured.  Ivan is rescued while Joseph is  left in captivity.  When Ivan wakes up from the hospital, the trauma left him psychologically scarred and was convinced that he is Joseph.  His memories, thoughts, personality and actions were of his friend.  With his regained freedom and assumed identity, Ivan finds great love in the arms of Andrea.

Kris Bernal

During an interview held at the GMA Executive Lounge a week ago, Kris Bernal said that her character in the story is a nurse.  Kris took up nursing in college, so this is like a refresher course for the beautiful actress.  As Andrea Dizon, she was devastated when she found out that Joseph (Rocco Nacino) was reported MIA (Missing-In-Action).  Despite knowing that her Joseph is missing and feared to be dead, she found comfort in Ivan (Dennis Trillo) who sustains her great love for Joseph by allowing to relive her shared memories with her missing lover.

But this ground-breaking series is not only going to talk about this very strange love triangle, it will also be filled with the most interesting conflicts and twists.  Bethany Sandoval (played by Lauren Young) is the girlfriend of Ivan.  A sophisticated, ambitious and independent woman just like her mother Martina Lagdameo (played by Nina Ricci Alagao).  Bethany is shocked to find out that when her boyfriend Ivan (Dennis Trillo) returns without a memory of her and claiming that he is another person.  Bethany will do everything to get Ivan back.

Kris Bernal, Lauren Young, Jenny Rose and Kenneth Paul Cruz
Kris Bernal, Lauren Young, Jenny Rose and Kenneth Paul Cruz

Also in the series are Jackielou Blanco, Allan Paule,  Lotlot De Leon, Shyr Valdez, Dexter Doria, Antonio Aquitania, Julia Lee, Kenneth Paul Cruz, Jenny Rose, Rap Fernandez, Jenny Miller, Christopher Roxas, Kier Legaspi, Arny Ross, Yassi Pressman with the special participation of Maxene Magalona, Mike Tan, Junjun Quintana, Nadine Samonte and Elijah Alejo.

Hiram Na Alaala replaces Ang Dalawang Mrs Real on Monday (September 22).

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