It’s so nice that new blogs get recognized every year because that means that the blogging community is very much alive.  I commend the people behind the EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS PROJECT for supporting new sites and recognizing their talents and personal mission and vision.


My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for this year ARE:

The Daily Pedia

Something about this blog is making social networking’s heart beat faster!  Maybe it’s about the various themes and articles that are largely intriguing and often though-provoking.  Some are funny, disgusting, scary, inspiring but all deserving of a read and even a second look and share.

Nutri Facts in the Packs

This blog is simply your grocery list online!  It contains product previews by the pack and gives you a ‘buyers’ guide on what’s inside or what makes it worth purchasing OR NOT.  Before you check out at the counter be sure to consult this blog.

Matakaw Na Bata

I know the owner of this blog, and she’s not ‘Matakaw’ but the articles on this blog suggests that she’s always eating somewhere and something new and that’s what I like about Matakaw Na Bata.  It’s like me, exploring lots of things in bits and pieces and leaving room for more gustatory adventures.

Astig Dot PH

It sounds cool.  It looks cool.  It is Cool!  A daily dose of Astig ‘Pinoy’ News, Events and Reviews.

Delightfully Desserts by Zheyme

This is simply yummy!  Everyone loves desserts –  it’s like the snack period in school, the rainbow after the storm and the sweet of your heart.  And who wouldn’t enjoy a site that’s full of that right?

Knowing Ropes

I love blogs like Knowing Ropes.  It’s simple, in depth and personal.  We should read more blogs like this more often – my blog rainCHECK used to be like this before it got possessed. *hehehe*  But I do have a new blog called Written By Raindrops that aims to restore the old mood of my rainCHECK blog – for sentimental reasons.

We’ve got quite a short list of ’emerging blogs’ this year and I have chosen these Six (6) to have my votes in this annual project.  However, I am also including four (4) more blogs which I thought to be quite interesting as well and these are:

The Slambook Project

  Fervil Von

Raket Hub

Techno Rush

So that’s my TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS for 2014!

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