Kapuso teen heartthrobs Barbie Forteza, Derrick Monasterio, Thea Tolentino and Andre Paras stars in upcoming GMA Afternoon drama series Half Sisters.  Premiering on June 9 after Eat Bulaga and replacing Villa Quintana.

The story revolves around the sibling rivalry between fraternal twins Barbie Forteza (Diana) and Thea Tolentino (Ashley).  Half Sisters also tackles for the first time in television the rare clinical condition of heteropaternal superfecundation, in layman’s term – twins having two different biological fathers.


RainCHECK got a chance to talk to 3/4 of the main cast in a special bloggers meet-up at Kimono Ken Restaurant in Tomas Morato last Friday (May 30).  Derrick Monasterio, Thea Tolentino and Andre Paras shared a few exclusive information about the upcoming drama series and also their experiences in making the new afternoon series.

Thea Tolentino (17)

10347507_823767000984042_763806434573706333_nThea who plays the role of Ashley, sister of Diana (Barbie Forteza) in Half Sisters shares how heteropaternal superfecundation became the initial central theme of the series.

“Rina (Jean Garcia), the wife of Alfred (Ryan Eigenmann) was raped by Benjie (Jomari Yllana), the main bad guy in the story.  The result of that criminal act was a fraternal twin named Ashley and Diana which was later found out to be a product of a rare clinical process called heteropaternal superfecundation,”  Thea explains.

Among the three stars present during the meet up at the Japanese Resto, Thea was the only one able to pronounce that term right.

But that was just the premise of the real conflict.  According to Thea, the root of the conflict is her jealousy towards her fraternal twin which was further enraged by the love triangle between college jock Bradley (Andre Paras), poor boy Baste (Derrick Mionasterio) and her super long-haired sister *hehe* Diana (Barbie Forteza).

It was mentioned during an interview with Barbie Forteza a couple of days ago, Barbie said that Thea was too “mabait” for a “kontrabida” that she was having a hard time portraying the role at first.

To answer that statement, Thea admits that she indeed found it very challenging to portray the role of Ashley, who she describes as “a straight bad girl that will do everything to get what she wants.”  She also pointed out that Thea is really a soft person while Ashley has a rough and strong personality.  However, she also said that she has learned a lot since the first taping day and promises to make Ashley a very effective character that audiences will love to hate.  “Medyo okay na ko, hindi na ako masyado reluctant na masaktan si Barbie.”

Andre and Thea
Andre and Thea

Thea said that she and Barbie will have a lot of confrontations here, and that scene with the bag from the teasers is just a tiny speck compared to the other hard scenes that viewers will witness in the series.  For her role as Ashley, she studies a character in the Korean Drama Series – My Love From The Stars.

Thea Tolentino is the grand winner of the second season of Protege in 2012.  She landed on a lead role as Pyra in last year’s GMA afternoon series Pyra: Ang Babaeng Apoy.  This is her second time playing a ‘kontrabida’ role, the first one was in Anna Karenina.

Derrick Monasterio (18)

10370376_823766904317385_7489643204131145577_nIf there’s one person who are very much impressed with Thea in portraying a ‘kontrabida’ role – it’s Derrick Monasterio who was also part of Anna Karenina.

Derrick plays the role of Baste in Half Sisters.  He describes his role as a poor working student in a college where Bradley (Andre Paras), Ashley (Thea Tolentino) and Diana (Barbie Forteza) goes to.  His father works for the family of rich boy Bradley (Andre), she will meet Diana (Barbie) through Bradley.  A love triangle will be formed from these circumstances.

The Derbie love team will be challenged in this series.  He however didn’t see Andre as a competition but rather a “co-actor na may matututunan ako na bago.”

Derrick said that they’re doing about 20 sequence a taping day right now and would probably be done with week 6 when Half Sisters pilots on June 9.  He said that as far as taping is concern, there was no hard confrontation scenes yet between Andre and him but he believes that there will be soon.  He describes one scene that they did where him and Andre will both give Barbie a rose at the same time.

Derrick is also a mainstay in the sitcom Vampire Ang Daddy ko with Vic Sotto, Oyo Boy Sotto and Sam Pinto.  Aside from Barbie Forteza, Derrick’s showbiz crushes are Jessy Mendiola and Solenn Heusaff.

The young actor promises a different Derrick Monasterio in Half Sisters and even has the facial hair to prove it.

Andre, Thea and Derrick

Andre Paras (18)

10394865_823767644317311_8396147009346470564_nSpeaking of facial hairs, Andre Paras son of actor-PBA Superstar Benjie Paras shaves off his for his role in the Half Sisters.

Fresh from the success of his first acting project and first full-length film Diary Ng Panget which stars Nadine Lustre, Yassi Pressman and James Reid, Andre moved from romantic comedy to semi-heavy drama playing the role of rich boy and athlete Bradley in Half Sisters.

Andre who prefers doing comedy takes a different turn in his career and took the challenge of doing a straight romantic drama series for GMA Afternoon Prime.

“Yes you could say that that I am versatile,”  Andre said during the interview.  “I accepted the role because acting is what I love to do and learn.  I’ll go with comedy anytime because I love to make people smile.  Now, doing drama is quite a challenge.  People say that I am a natural with comedy but I always say that I was just being myself and I thank the people for accepting me for who I am.”

Andre is currently studying at San Beda College while playing for the UP Maroons in the UAAP.  He’s taking the best of both worlds and balancing showbiz career and basketball.  He attends school twice a week (Tusdays and Thursdays) and go to taping on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

It is also worth mentioning that Andre’s showbiz crush is also Solenn Heusaff, the same with Derrick.  A rivalry in Half Sisters for Barbie and in real-life for Solenn.


Barbie Forteza was not present during the blog conference but Andre, Derrick and Thea was unanimous in saying that Barbie was a live wire, that she’s a fantastic actress.  Andre even blurted out “Barbie was… wow, she’s great,” while recalling a scene with her during the taping.

Half Sisters pilots June 9 on GMA Afternoon Prime after Eat Bulaga replacing Villa Quintana.

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  1. d ko na na gosto ang half sister kc ginagawang tanga ng writer na yan [kung cno man sya] ang mga manonood ang dami na nga d2 s amin na tinamatamad na panoorin yan half sister na yan. gandahan mo nman yang script na gnagawa mo hoy! lagi na lang talunan ang mga bida kakainis kang scriptwriter ka dapat sau pinapalitan na!

  2. katulad nyan sana ipaalala ni rina kay benjie na meron pa syang lola, tapos ibalita nya na patay na un. tapos sabihin nya na ang tatay ni ashley ay c alfred na nanloko sa kanyang negosyo, dapat ganon para nman matuwa kaming manonod hmm kakainis ka tlagang writer ka ng half sister, maganda pang mag watch na lang kami ng korean telenovela ang bilis ng kwento wala ng paligoy ligoy pa…d katulad mo ginagawa mong tanga ang mga manonood.

  3. Maganda naman ang history a magaling silang, Kaya lang masiyadong api ang mga bida! Nadadala kaming mga nanonood ng teleserye Kapag sobra ang pahirap sa mga bida! Anyway, congratulations sa lahat ng casts! Ok ang acting ninyo: Barbie, Thea, Gene Garcia, Jeomar Yllana, Eigenman Andre Paras & others!

  4. Maganda sana itong drama and I used to watch it every afternoon kaso lang lately nagiging hate na ang naeempasized. Aywan ko kung narerealized ng scripwriter ang takbo ng story niya. Ano kaya ang gusto niyang ipakita dito. Maybe the bad side kasi ayon ang more na naeempasized. Yong good part na ginagawa ni Rina’s side ay nagiging bobo ang style at natatabunan.

  5. nakakatamad na talaga na panoorin ang THE HALF SISTERS, humaba na nga ng mahigit isang taon ang istorya ay tila paulit-ulit pa ang mga eksena. Nandiyan na lubhang naaapi ang mga bida, tapos sila naman ang nangingibabaw, and then balik aping-api na naman sila, etc.. Naku, kung wala ka nang maisip na magandang eksenang susulatin, apo writer, ay bigyan mo na lang ng magandang conclusion yang istorya mo at tapusin na!