While its name and location suggests booze and after office drinking sprees – BONE AND BARREL BISTRO is definitely more than just beers, hard liquors and ‘happy hours’.

I visited BONE AND BARREL BISTRO at noontime with some friends, yup’ high NOON as in LUNCH.  The bistro is located inside Citywalk 2 at Eastwood.  This is the busiest and most populated area in Eastwood after 5 in the afternoon.  But at noon, like what they always say in old cowboy films, ‘it’s a ghost town in here..’  – but this noontime ‘ghost town’ is hiding some desert treasures and you can find them inside the BONE AND BARREL BISTRO.


Treasure Number 1: GOLDEN TORO (265.00)


This tasty deep fried beef short ribs are mixed with lots of garlic and is considered as Bone and Barrel Bistro’s finest appetizer!  It has a very strong unique flavor made for the tongue of real food matadors.

Treasure Number 2: BEEF LENGUA SISIG (289.00)


This creamy dish is a spin from the traditional Lengua. It’s made from ox tongue cooked with local flavors but made more creamier.  I am really not a big fan of ‘Lengua’ but this is something that people like me could grow to love.

Treasure Number 3: BULALO KANSI (365.00)


It was my first time to try this dish.  Bone and Barrel Bistro offers Bulalo in different versions, Kansi was said to be an Ilonggo dish preparation known as a cross between the traditional Bulalo preparation and Sinigang but made more sour and spicier.

Treasure Number 4: BISTEK TAGALOG (255.00)


However ordinary-sounding the dish is, Bone and Barrel Bistro’s Bistek Tagalog is anything but ordinary.  This is one of the tastiest Bistek Tagalog that I’ve tasted.  This is a must-try at Bone and Barrel Bistro.

Treasure Number 5: BALUT PASTA (195.00)


Tired of the ordinary pasta dish?  Why not make it more pinoy – more exotic.  At Bone and Barrel Bistro they’ve made local, classy!  Try their sauteed duck eggs in crab roe over creamy white spaghetti.

To make those dishes even more satisfying, it’s best to order a plate of their yummy Bulalo Rice.


And if you’re up to it, try it with Bone and Barrel Bistro’s flavored beers.  I’ve tried their Apple, Kiwi, Salted Caramel and Gumamela.  They’re all wonderful!


Lunch won’t be complete without dessert and they have that too.  I recommend you try their Brownie Ala Mode (165.00) and Banana Foster (155.00).

Brownie Ala Mode
Brownie Ala Mode
Banana Foster
Banana Foster

Bone and Barrel Bistro also serves steaks and other special dishes like Cowboy Barbacoa Beef Ribs, Crispy Pork Face, Crispy Pork Knuckle, Ox Tail Adobo, Beijing Beef Platter, Korean Beef Stew, Sirloin Tapa, Fish and Chips, and of course Fried Chicken.


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