10352588_810411262319616_6112937245399023617_nGMA Afternoon Prime TV Series THE BORROWED WIFE is down to its final stretch of episodes but they are leaving the afternoon stage with a BANG!

“There will be an exciting car chase scene plus a breath-taking ending almost similar to a scene in Hollywood’s ‘Pearl Harbor’ movie.” Actor Rafael Rosell who plays the role of Rico Santos shared during a blog conference held at the 17th Floor of GMA Network Building.

Joining Rafael in the conference are fellow lead actors Camille Prats, Pauline Luna and TJ Trinidad.

The Borrowed Wife premiered last January 20 and expected to have its dramatic conclusion on May 23.   Although owning a similar-sounding title to local soaps in other networks, the series’ story is very different from the rival network’s theme which talks about husband and wife infidelities.

Camille Prats who plays the role of  Sophia Gonzales-Villaraza and Maricar Perez-Santos describes the story, “Si Maricar at Rico na siguro ang pinaka-malas na mag-asawa sa buong mundo.” 


The story revolves around the two characters who’s love for one another met some very tragic complications.

I asked the cast what they’ve learned from the story of The Borrowed Wife and they said,

  • Rafael Rosell – “Kahit ano itsura ng tao kung para kayo sa isat-isa there will always be a connection.”
  • Pauline Luna – “To value relationships and respect one another.”
  • Camille Prats – “Love always triumphs.”


Behind the intense scenes and bitter rivalries and confrontations of The Borrowed Wife lies a team of great actors and actresses that really are fun to be with.  Also in the series are Charee Pineda, Yayo Aguila, Sherilyn Reyes, Kevin Santos, Lou Sison, Diego Castro, Red Bustamante, Zarah Mae Deligero, Jojit Lorenzo and Caridad Sanchez.

I also learned later after the conference that actor TJ Trinidad was not feeling well that day which explains why he’s not as lively as the other cast but because he already committed himself to attend the event, he still went and stayed for the whole duration of the activity – now that’s what I call PROFESSIONALISM.

It was not all question and answer, the whole cast also joined us play a ‘role-playing’ game while Rafael Rosell sang a song.

Catch the exciting final episodes of The Borrowed Wife, filled with action and a grand revelation!  Afternoon on GMA Network.

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