1c2d5ad89ed5e04712fce624f30bf507Rap artist Gloc-9 won four major awards in the Myx Music Awards 2014, the most for any artist who was nominated.  He won four out of six categories that he was nominated in.

Gloc-9’s quadruple win in this year’s Myx Music Awards were credited to his latest song MAGDA.

The rap artists wins is both testament of his song-writing skills as well as a strong statement to mainstream original Pilipino music that makes hits out of repetitive love songs and novelties.  He won for “Magda” at a time when the originality and relevance of original Pilipino pop music is being questioned.

This is Gloc-9 at his most creative, where his decision to use another character to speak about Magda allows for a distance, a non-judgmental stance about a woman’s character.  It is this creativity that was awarded by the Myx Music Awards this year.  But more importantly what they were honoring was this rapper-songwriter-artist’s decision to tell a story we would rather not hear, of a woman we would rather be blind to.

Each MYX Music Award (MMA) is composed of 60% audience votes and 40% artist or peer votes. And on a year when Gloc-9 wins big for a song like “Magda,” we are being told how the audience and the members of the industry as well, are in fact ready for difficult stories and complex songs.

Winning those four MMAs for “Magda,” as such, is not just a measure of Gloc-9 as an artist. It is a measure of what the audience of local music is ready for.  One hopes original Pinoy mainstream music heeds this call for creativity and relevance.

Here’s the Director’s Cut music video for MAGDA by Gloc 9 featuring Rico Blanco and Jennylyn Mercado directed by J Pacena

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