TIME Magazine has POPE FRANCIS on its cover as PERSON OF THE YEAR for 2013!

76 years old JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO became the Catholic Chruch’s 266th Pope last March 13, 2013 succeeding POPE BENEDICT XVI (Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger).  Born in Buenos Aires, Argentine on December 17, 1936 and ordained as priest in 1969.

“He really stood out to us as someone who has changed the tone and the perception and the focus of one of the world’s largest institutions in an extraordinary way,” said Nancy Gibbs, TIME magazine’s managing editor.


Here are some POPE FRANCIS Firsts:

  • He is the first to use the titular of FRANCIS carried from the name of St. Francis of the Assisi known for his vow of poverty and inclination towards the welfare of the poor.
  • He is the first Jesuit POPE.
  • He is the first American POPE.
  • He is the first non-European POPE in 1272 years since POPE Gregory III.
  • He is the first POPE from the Southern Hemisphere.

Another POPE FRANCIS trivia that I thought you should know is that prior to entering the seminary – he used to work as a chemical technician and a nightclub bouncer.

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