My hair feels like royalty!  I visited EMPIRE SALON at the INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL just to get my hair done – and I highly recommend you do that too!

For those who know me very well knows that I am not the salon type of person.  My hair can’t handle too much product and I love wearing my crown as plain wash and wear.  Although, once in a while I try to do some experimentation and that led me to visit EMPIRE SALON last week to try a new do on my dead as a doornail hair.

Before meeting my stylist that afternoon, I was able to roam around the place and talk to one of the owners and the General Manager of EMPIRE SALON – MS. ANNE STEFANIE TAN, who is a lawyer by profession.

Ms. Anne Tan
Ms. Anne Tan

EMPIRE SALON is a family owned business, the patriarch- Mr. Tan is in the construction business and explained that business knowledge and experiences that he acquired can also be applied to different fields such as in the beauty and wellness industry.

The family selected INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL to be the first home of their salon venture but Ms. Anne Tan said that they plan to expand to other areas as soon as possible.  They just recently opened and is still on their soft-launch phase.  The grand opening will be scheduled in the first quarter of 2014.


There are two things that’s worth mentioning about EMPIRE SALON.  First is the design of the salon itself.  It has two sections, the first and larger area is for the younger patrons – and it looked much like the salon that we are very much used to.  The second section which is a separate room adjacent to the first one contains the private suites which are made available for VIP guests who wish to enjoy their pampering time in their own little corner.

Here’s a look at the main salon:

Ms. Tan said, “we provided each suite with iPad and all services will be made available in the Private area so it becomes a one-stop-shop for our VIP guests.”  This offering provides additional quiet time for those who would want some rest and relaxation away from all the prying eyes but of course with some additional costs.

And here’s what the private suites look like:

The second thing that makes EMPIRE SALON really special are their powerhouse team of stylists, all educated and trained in the United Kingdom.


After getting myself excited through all those info, it’s time to meet my judge, executioner and later on, friend.  JAYSON JAIME, the 30 year-old senior stylist of EMPIRE SALON.

Jayson Jaime
Jayson Jaime

Jayson, like most male hairdressers started his career helping out in their family-owned barber shop.  He was 15 when he first found out about his talent in manipulating the mighty scissors to transform an ordinary hair to a crowning glory in just a couple of minutes.  He then underwent some formal studies and gained experiences from different salons.  But 15 years of experience is not enough for EMPIRE SALON, so together with the rest of the team, Jayson was made to study from the best hairdressers and make-up artists in London.

So I sat there on the salon chair – which felt like an electric chair for a brief moment and london-boy Jayson standing behind me examining the thing that was laying flat and lifeless on top of my head.  And then he asked me what would I like him do to my hair?

And all I can say was, “Ressurection!  And you have my permission to use your imagination.”

It was as if I was saying that in the same tone as “Thy will be done.”  And he’s not my father.

Well anyway, to make the long story – short here’s what happened:

with Jayson Jaime

And like a new gadget – I immediately flaunted my new-found self-esteem in the form an awesomely layered do with a paneled ash over natural brown hair coloring courtesy of Wella Professional’s Koleston Perfect.


To help maintain the new hairstyle, EMPIRE SALON also recommended the following products for my hair.

Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo

Clairol Professional Color Radiance Intensive Mask

Clairol Professional Visible Repair Intensive Mask

Clairol Professional Swap It Shaper Gel

Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening and Repair Shampoo


EMPIRE SALON aims at transforming Manila as a place for hairdressing schools.  They also share a dream with other people in the salon industry who wish to promote the country’s potential in the field and develop it further.

Here are the whole EMPIRE SALON team with Salon Management and Operations Head ANGELIE MANABAT:


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