“It’s our party we can do what we want.  It’s our party we can say what we want.”

WE CAN’T STOP is Miley Cyrus’ newest single and creepiest video ever!  Released a month ago as her first for RCA, the song received since then some mixed reactions from critics.  College Humor even released a music-less version of the music video that ‘terrified’ a lot of viewers.

WE CAN’T STOP is a mid tempo dance- rnb-pop song that breathes life in the same alley as with the songs of Rihanna. The song itself which was written by Miley in collaboration with Mike Will Made It,Timothy Thomas, Theron Thomas, Douglas Davis, and Ricky Walters is full of teenage angst and warrants liberal interpretations.  The kind of songs that we used to sing when we were younger, songs  that we grow up to.  

Here’s the controversial music video:

The melody is so pop and hip that you’d really want to bounce to it.  Behind that ass slapping, crotch grabbing and gum playing in bed act on the video is a music that I really can’t stop listening to.

MILEY CYRUS really owned this song.  I kinda like the new Miley!  Three words: Free, Sexy and Beautiful!  


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