998394_629713000389444_1728979745_nTo all the Dads, Mom-Dad’s, Daddy-To-Be’s, Daddy-Wanna-Be’s and Play-The Role-Dad’s out there!  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to each and everyone of you!  It’s your day today so make sure that you set aside everything and just enjoy the moment!

And as promised, here are some awesome tips for all you Dad’s out there on how to make your day really special and more ‘relaxing.’  This is also a shout-out to all Mom’s and Kid’s who want to treat your man-of-the-house to a simple, affordable and yet meaningful day on Father’s Day!

Let’s start off by finding a location that would really be conducive for total relaxation – the SM Center Pasig is known for its huge HYPERMARKET and FOOD COURT,  a shopping haven for all those living near C5 Pasig and around the busy business district of Ortigas.  Aside from that and just barely two years ago, SM Center Pasig also opened THE HEALTH HUB, an entire wing of the complex dedicated to everyone’s relaxation needs.  From Spas to everything you need to keep your most precious resource – which is your own body- in perfect healthy condition.

The perfect location to treat Dad to a total relaxation with a number of services and health shops to choose from.

A Swedish Massage with Bentosa at MONT ALBO Massage Hut

Let’s start with a total body relaxation at MONT ALBO Massage Hut.  There’s a good reason why Mont Albo is very popular – aside from being one of the most affordable massage shop in Mega Manila, they also have this 10-minute EXPRESS MASSAGE that covers the upper back, shoulders and lumbar areas for only 55 Pesos!


But of course we’re talking about a total body relaxation here so why not treat Dad to a 1 hour SWEDISH MASSAGE for only P380.00 to relieve his tired hard-working muscles and then choose either Sweet Almond Oil or Sunflower Oil as an alternative massage oil medium to moisturize his skin by just adding 50pesos.  You may also want to add a BENTOSA treatment to remove any energy blockages on your dear-old Dad’s back by just adding 80pesos on the package, that is if he don’t mind the back marks after the session.

Aside from the Swedish and Express Massage, Mont Albo also has other massage treatment options like the Indian Head Massage (55pesos), Signature Mont Albo Massage (330pesos), Traditional Filipino Massage (380pesos), Eastern Foot Massage (380pesos), Thai-Siatsu Massage (380pesos) and Tui Na Massage (380pesos).  Plus body scrub and massage packages for as low as 650pesos.

A Facial with Seaweed Mask at DERMCARE

After the body, now let’s do the face!  Try DERMCARE located at the left wing of SM Center Pasig’s HEALTH HUB.


I recommend you let him try the therapeutic Facial Treatment with Seaweed Mask for only 350pesos to soothe his tired face.  There are many Facial Care treatment at DERMCARE to choose from but a basic Facial would only cost you 250pesos a session.  Here’s a list of their other facial treatments:

  • Facial with Kojic Whitening Mask (400pesos)
  • Hydra Oxygen Facial (500pesos)
  • Facial with Collagen Mask (300pesos)
  • Facial with non-surgical Facelift (400pesos)
  • Facial with Oatmeal (350pesos)
  • Facial with Cucumber Mask (400pesos)
  • Dermabrasion with Collagen Infusion (600pesos)
  • Jade Facial Rejuvenation (500pesos)
  • Diamond Power Peel (900pesos)
  • Eyebag Treatment (300pesos)

DERMCARE also has Body, Beauty and Hair Treatment Packages that will suit everyone’s needs and budget.

I’ve tried for the first time their Facial with Seaweed Mask last Thursday and I am very much interested in trying the other treatments soon because I loved it.  I’m sure other Dad’s would love to try their treatments too since the price is already out of the equation.

with my Seaweed Mask on
with my Seaweed Mask on

970177_629714647055946_1898552341_nDinner at KANZHU Hand-Pulled Noodles

Cap off your Dad’s special day with a special dinner treat at KANZHU for the best dishes that Northern China has to offer.  I saw their restaurant years ago but I haven’t had the chance to try their dishes so last Thursday was a first time for me.  What makes their place distinct is that you can actually view their cooks prepare your food and how they make the hand-pulled noodles.  A very exciting thing to watch as they stretch those dough and then finally come out with strings of delicious noodles that they use for their dishes.

We started our dinner with one of their signature appetizers, BLACK FUNGUS with JELLYFISH (80pesos).

Black Fungus with JellyFish
Black Fungus with JellyFish

For our main dishes, we were served with their best-selling BRAISED BEEF Dry Noodles (165pesos) paired off with 7pcs of SPECIAL LAMB DUMPLINGS (150pesos) and 7pcs of PORK and CHIVE DUMPLINGS (120pesos).  You can actually choose to put soup on your Noodle or just plain dry at no additional cost.

AI! Braised Beef Dry Noodles
AI! Braised Beef Dry Noodles
Lamb Dumpling
Lamb Dumpling
Pork and Chives Dumpling
Pork and Chives Dumpling

The noodles comes at a hefty serving and the dumplings tasted really awesome.  I’m not a big fan of lambs and lamb dishes but I enjoyed both the lamb and pork variety.

If I am going to choose just one dish from everything that KANZHU served us that evening, I choose the WOK FRIED FRAGRANT CHICKEN (240pesos) as the best!  It’s spicy and super delicious!


For dessert, try their special GREEN TEA TAHO!

Green Tea TAHO
Green Tea TAHO

There are dozens of other dishes to try at KANZHU, so guess what, I am definitely coming back for more!  Loved it and I’m sure other Dads would love them too.


So that’s it!  How’s that for a Father’s Day treat!  Anyway, the best gift is still YOU spending it with that very special MAN we call FATHER!  The experience becomes even more meaningful!

SM CENTER PASIG is located at Fronterra Verde, Bgy. Ugong southbound of  C5 and next to Tiendesitas.

Dinner Time! :
Dinner Time! :




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