Fish and chips, the late Princess Diana, world-renowned British royalties and entertainers like Elton John, Boy George, Sting, Adele and One Direction are some of the ”icons” from UK that many Filipinos love.

How about adding one more to that list?

McVitie’s Digestive, UK’s pride in biscuits.


It was in 1830 when Robert McVitie and his father William opened a provision shop whose basement was devoted entirely to baking. Pretty soon, Robert’s reputation as a baker grew and the name McVitie’s became synonymous with delicious baked goods.  Because of this, Robert was soon able to open more shops.

By the 1880s, the business was already inherited by Robert McVitie Jr., Robert Sr.’s son, who partnered with Charles Price and together, had grown the baking business and made it a household name.  An employee named Alexander Grant then developed the “Digestive” line back in 1892 where he came up with a secret recipe that is still used to this day.

AP2337-mcvities-digestive-biscuits-1935Then known as McVitie & Price, the company gained further recognition when it received the royal seal of approval when they were asked to bake the wedding cake of Princess Mary of Teck and the Duke of York in 1893, who later inherited the throne and became Queen Mary and King George V.  Thus, it became a tradition that McVitie & Price would create cakes for royal weddings and christenings.

In 1925, McVitie & Price made the first blending of chocolate and biscuit which is now called McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives.  After the union of McVitie & Price and Macfarlane Lang to form United Biscuits, the company’s London Harlesden facility became the first biscuit factory to be fully automated in 1956.

Given its tasty attributes, McVitie’s Digestive is now more loved not just in the UK but also globally, where it is sold in more than 100 countries.
Great news!  The pure biscuit goodness of McVitie’s Digestive is now already available in the Philippine market and now that it is available here, many Pinoy biscuit lovers will soon discover its uniquely delicious taste that is unrivaled in the market today.


What made McVitie’s Digestive a well-loved biscuit brand?

Perhaps it is the “just right” sweet taste, which is good for coffee and tea, the English’s favorite beverage.  Or probably because it is plain and simply..  DELICIOUS.

If you want to know more about this UK and global biscuit favorite, or simply try out its distinctive taste, head off to any leading supermarket nationwide and grab a box of McVitie’s Digestive biscuits.  Know more about McVitie’s by logging in to www.mcvities.com or their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/McVitiesDigestives

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