302102_586779468016131_1030944946_nUNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION (URC) through its Flour Division and in partnership with the Department of Tourism Promotions Board recently launched FLOURISH PILIPINAS, a campaign that recognizes and celebrates Filipino flour- based delicacies.

The launch was held at Crowne Plaza last March 13 (Wednesday) hosted by Anthony Suntay with guests Robert Sena and wife Isay Alvarez.

The program aims to encourages chefs, restaurateurs, bakeshop owners and operators, food technicians, culinary students, and other food professionals to integrate locally available ingredients to their flour-based products such as: Pizza ala Bagnet, Lechon Quiche, Kesong Puti Malunggay Buns, Yema Ube Pastel, Halo Halo Cake, Durian Raisin Cookies and other mouth-watering delicacies.

FLOURISH PILIPINAS is composed of two major projects:  A Baking Competition and A Baking Academy.


544230_586780284682716_820808515_nThe FLOURISH PILIPINAS Baking competition is a nationwide competition for both professional and student bakers.  It is divided into three categories:


This is open to all professional pastry chefs, bakery and bakeshop owners and pastry instructors.  The award is given to the participant with the best recipes using hard flour (URC Globe or Blend 100 Flour).


This is also open to all professional pastry chefs, bakery and bakeshop owners and pastry instructors.  The award is given to the best Recipes using soft flour (URC Sampaguita Flour)


This contest is open to students enrolled in courses for hotel and restaurant management, food technology or the culinary and pastry arts.  The award is given to the best recipes using cake flour (URC Daisy Flour)

WINNERS will each receive P10,000 in cash, Kitchen Aid Mixers and other prizes from sponsors and their entries will be featured in the 2014 Calendar of URC.



To join, contestants must fill out an entry form which can be accessed through the recipe contest tab in the URC Flour/Flourish Pilipinas Facebook Page.  It can also be downloaded from the URC Website.  Entries can be submitted to the Flourish Pilipinas Facebook Page or emailed to Kayla Andrea at [email protected]

Deadline for the submission of entries is on April 30 (for GMA and Luzon) and May 31 (for Cebu and Davao).

Here are the Bake-Off schedules:

  • GMA – June 15
  • Baguio – July 6
  • Cebu – July 27
  • Davao – August 10



The academy is a series of lectures and demos from top pastry chefs on the latest baking trends and innovations.  It will be conducted in the following dates:

  • GMA – June 15
  • Baguio – July 6
  • Cebu – July 27
  • Davao – August 10

FLOURISH PILIPINAS is supported by Bakewell, Brim, Corman Butter, Kitchen Aid, McCormick, Saf Yeast, Suchero, Tulip Chocolate, US Wheat Associates and Yummy Magazine.

URC Execs
URC Execs

Universal Robina Corporation – Flour Division has three flourmills – CMC Pasig, CMC Davao, and the new URC Flour Plant in Pasig, with rated production capacities of 700, 300 and 550 metric tons per day respectively.  The new flour mill features state-of-the-art milling and blending facilities and advanced quality control laboratory allowing us to do improvement in flour coloration and yield as well as customization of products tailor-fit to your specific needs.

  • Universal and Globe First Class Flour– protein hard flour products, ideal for making yeast–raised breads such as Pan Americano (open-top), tasty breads (closed-top), pan de sal, pizza crusts, and pasta noodles. 
  • Continental All-Purpose Flour – URC’s patent flour; purest & highest quality commercial wheat flour available. Achieves superior color and appearance. Best for cakes, breads, cookies, biscuits, crackers, and steamed breads (sio pao). 
  • My Rose Soft Flour – Protein content of 8.0 – 9.5%, best used in making cookies, pastries, crackers, biscuits, flat breads, some cakes and wafers. Characterized by breads that are lower volume and with tender bites.
  • Sampaguita Soft Flour – Protein content of 8.5 – 9.5%. Used for cookies, flat breads, and pastries. Also good for blending with hard flour.
  • Blend 100 – Recommended for pan de sals, buns, and rolls and other bread varieties, intended to have a short bite or be less chewy.
  • Daisy Cake Flour – Low in protein and ash content, excellent for baking light, tender & fluffy cake bases such as chiffon, sponge and batter type cakes.

 For more information visit the Flourish Pilipinas Fan Page or email Kayla Andrea at [email protected] or call Kayla at (02) 892 -58-42 / (02) 813-49-30 or text 0916-483-8333URC Florish FB screenshot



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