430142_559542367406508_102685232_nTV Personality JASMINE CURTIS-SMITH is the newest brand endorser of Forever FLAWLESS Face and Body Center.  The young TV5 talent who is also the younger sister of ABS CBN celebrity ANNE CURTIS has recently inked a partnership with one of the country’s pioneering beauty solution center to headline its beauty campaigns for 2013.

FLAWLESS introduced Jasmine Curtis-Smith to the blogging community last Thursday (January 24) at Romulo’s Cafe where she shared her showbiz and non-showbiz plans as well as some of her beauty secrets.  Jasmine was personally handpicked by FLAWLESS CEO, RUBBY SY because she believes that the actress epitomizes everything that the FLAWLESS brand wants to convey to the public – YOUNG, VIBRANT, CAREFREE, CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL and of course SEXY.

Aside from her acting and modeling career, Jasmine is determined to finish her studies and enter ATENEO DE MANILA for a degree in Management this year.  As a full-time student and a full-time celebrity, the beautiful young actress reveals how she is able to manage her busy schedules and still maintain a look that is FLAWLESS from head to toe.


Here are Jasmine Curtis’ Beauty Secrets:

  1. Personal style is basic.  “I am the basics kind of girl.  I love to keep it simple as much as I can because not only am I afraid to commit fashion suicide.  Nakaka-pressure also when everyone knows that I am the little sister of the ultimate fashionista in local showbiz.”
  2. Two-step beauty regimen.  “I always cleanse my face and moisturize it when I wake up and before I go to bed.  I love having a fresh and moisturized face.”
  3. No to loads of make up on.  “I think makeup is a tool used to enhance the beautiful features that each individual already has.  I don’t like it when girls cake on makeup to the point that their skin color is entirely changed.  I think that lighter and more natural makeup is better.  A little bit of mascara never hurt anyone too!”
  4. Wear makeup only when you have to.  “I usually only wear makeup when I go to an event,and it’s usually a bit of foundation, blush and mascara.  If it’s a big event I sometimes like to play around and add false eyelashes to make a ‘wow’ eye statement.  On a daily basis, the most makeup I would wear would be mascara, lip gloss and blush.”
  5. Get enough sleep.  “Keep your face young, fresh and naturally moisturized by getting enough sleep everyday.  It will keep the eyebags away, too.”
  6. Let your inner beauty shine.  “While it is important to look good on the outside, I am a firm believer that real beauty shines from the inside.  It is important to feel good about yourself so that the glow will emanate.  Learn how to better yourself and be confident about who you are.”
  7. And of course, a regular facial.  “My favorite skin treatment would definitely be the facials.  I’m not big on getting too much done for my face, but my daily regimen helps in keeping my skin healthy.  I trust only one clinic to give me that besy facial there is – FLAWLESS.”

So there it is, seven wonderful beauty tips from one of the most prettiest face in the local celebrity scene today.  For more on Jasmine Curtis-Smith and the Flawless Beauty Campaign for 2013, log on to www.flawless.com.ph558462_559542940739784_1271571638_n

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  1. Her natural smile during the presscon was better and looks gorgeous compare to the poster they released, I don’t know if it’s just me or the pouty lips bugging me 🙂 Or maybe If I am on man’s shoes, not the type to swag pouty lip women 🙂 or even enhanced beauty. But the pink dress was kinda intriguing and inviting though LOL (esp. the bottom photo)


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