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From the same writer who brought to life the magical worlds of Encantadia and Amaya, SUZETTE DOCTOLERO brings to the public viewers another great primetime teleserye on GMA starring Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. – INDIO.

Directed by DonDon Santos, INDIO is set to become another great hit on Philippine TV by combining real historical facts and mythological characters to tell the story of a pinoy demi-god called INDIO (also known by other names in the story as MALAYA and SIMEON) played by veteran action star and Philippine Senator Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr.

I was invited last January 9 to a special preview and screening of the first episodes of INDIO at the SM Megamall.  It was a star-filled event which includes all the major casts of the show.

Also playing as INDIO are two promising young actors that will surely take your breath away with their acting talents – VINCENT MAGBANUA playing the child Indio (MALAYA) and ALDEN RICHARDS as the teenage Indio (SIMEON).

Here are the rest of the cast:CIMG3347


  • Jennylyn Mercado as EXPERANZA (Daughter of Juancho who falls for Simeon)
  • Michael De Mesa as JUANCHO SANREAL (The ruthless Encomendero who will adopt Simeon)
  • Jackie Lou Blanco as VICTORIA (The equally ruthless wife of Juancho)
  • Jon Achaval as PADRE JACOBE
  • Chinggoy ALonzo as HERNANDO (The right hand of Juancho)
  • Bobby Andrews plays as the young HERNANDO
  • Ramon Christopher as ANTONIO (The first Encomendero)



  • Sheena Halili as MAYANG (The daughter of Tarong and Linang)
  • Jomari Yllana as TARONG and Agot Isidro as LINANG (Adopts the young Indio, named him MALAYA and raises him as their own)
  • Robert Arevalo as COSME (The father of Rosa, Simeon’s first love)
  • Ronnie Lazaro as WARAY LUPIG (Ilaya’s Tribe Leader)
  • Dominic Roco as TUHAY (A warrior who hates Simeon but will fall in love with Mayang)
  • Mike Nacua as PEDRO and John Feir as JUANING (Friends of Simeon)
  • Vaness Del Moral as ELENA (Friend of Esperanza)
  • Jillian Ward plays the young ROSA while Maxene Magalona as the teenage ROSA
  • Luis Alandy plays as MANDIRIGMA the real father of Malaya/Simeon
  • Neil Ryan Sese as KARYO



  • Rhian Ramos as MAGAYON (The Goddess of all Flying Creatures)
  • Solenn Heusaff as LALAHON (The Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes)
  • Sam Pinto as LIDAGAT (The Goddess of the seas)
  • Rachell Ann Go as LIBULAN (The Goddess of the moon)
  • Ehra Madrigal as LIHANGIN (The Goddess of the wind)
  • Ellen Adarna as DALIKMATA (The Goddess of Eye Ailments)
  • Will Devaughn as BARANGAW (The God of rainbows)
  • Steven Silva as RIBUNG LINTI (The God of Thunder and Lightning)
  • Paolo Paraiso as ADLAW (The Sun God)
  • Kyle Jimenez as SANTONILYO (The God of blessings)
  • Sarah Lahbati as YNAGUIGINID (The Goddess of War and the mother of Indio)

INDIO is set to win the hearts of Filipino viewers nationwide starting Monday, January 14.307563_391617784266437_14065039_n


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