SOSY PROBLEMS is an unexpected MMFF2012 entry from GMA Films which made its mark in the Metro Manila Film Festivals with movies like Ang Panday (2009), Muro Ami (1999) and Jose Rizal (1998).  However, according to film critics who watched the film’s red carpet premier last Saturday (December 22), the film is more than a refreshing alternative to the usual festival entries.

When asked about their chances of winning an award in the Festival, the cast of Sosy Problems told rainCHECK in an interview last December 18 that the movie’s chances of getting the Best Picture is really slim as well as with all the other light films who made the cut to the film festival, “..but Sosy Problems is not about winning an award it’s about giving people a light comedy movie this Christmas that they will enjoy watching.  We hope that this movie will challenge the norm of  how the festival judges a great picture.”156188_542174475809964_1163440016_n

Here are the rest of the interview with Sosy Problems cast Bianca King, Solenn Heusaff and Rhian Ramos:       

How similar is “Sosy Problems” from the real world of the socialites?

16810_542167752477303_765722684_n (1)SOLENN: The film is really a parody and an exaggeration of the real world of the socialites.  For sure may mga tao na ganun talaga but maybe they’re just like 10 or 20 percent of the total socialite population.  Wala naman sigurong tao na ganun talaga ka arte.  We can’t even name a real person we know as a peg for our characters.

BIANCA: Sa case naman ng character ko, possible siyang mangyari in real life.  Kasi ako dito anak ng politician na corrupt at makukulong dahil sa ill-gotten wealth, and things like these happen in real life.

RHIAN: Pero the execution of it is really meant to be funny, it’s really meant to be a little outrageous than in real life.  You know, we made the movie to make people laugh.  It’s not naman like a documentary on sosy people.  I’m happy with the way the movie turned out.  Kasi feeling ko ang dami na kasing lumalabas na films pero puro pampaiyak.  I mean, bakit lagi nalang tayong nagpapaiyak.  Puwede naman tayong matawa na lang and have fun with people of all ages, everyone can get in.  Maiba naman.  Wala na yung mga ‘internal battles’ so to speak.  This movie is meant to make people happy.

What are the ‘sociest’ part of the film in terms of production cost?

598490_542174765809935_1718960187_nRHIAN:  My helicopter is my favorite accessory.  It makes me look good (laughs).  I can skip traffic all the time.  Let’s just say that the amount invested in this film is the kind of amount that one would invest in a film with special effects, except that we didn’t have special effects.

SOLENN: Siguro, for me, ang pinakamahal was the helmet I wore in a scene where I arrived riding a Ducati (laughs).  Imagine yung character ko na medyo tatanga-tanga pero at least naka-Ducati (laughs).

BIANCA: Ako, nothing.  My character has nothing much except for my addition to Evian water (laughs).  Kasi diba wala na siyang pera kasi the banks sequestered all her family’s properties.  But even if wala na kaming pera, I still would brush my teeth and gargle ONLY with Evian Water.  There was a scene where I am seen opening a fridge full of Evian Water — that’s my treasure!

What is it that you like the most about this movie?

227101_542174549143290_751466992_nRHIAN: This movie is packed with moral lessons and it shows in the end what really matters, what’s really important – and it’s not only the material things.

BIANCA: The heart of the story of this movie is really about people and relationships.  That regardless of the capriciousness of the material things we enjoy in life, in the end, what really matters most is what bonds us together as people – and this transcends age, sex or socio-economic class.

Sosy Problems stars four of GMA Network’s hottest leading ladies: Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heussaff, Bianca King and Rhian Ramos.  Heart was not present during the interview.

The movie tells about four rich, famous and gorgeous ladies who have one major problem: their favorite hangout place, The Polo Club, is in danger of being demolished and its owners are planning to build a not-so-sosy mall in its place.  The ladies will join forces and combine their resources in order to bring the demolition to a halt.  They will risk everything – even their poise and composure – to send their message across.

Directed by Andoy Ranay, Sosy Problems is now in theatres nationwide.  380610_542174285809983_769372160_n

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