_MG_3733Christmas season here in the Philippines is characterized by long cold nights which makes the bedroom more dreamy.  Thinking about late night intimate talks with friends or loved ones on top of the bed over a cup of hot coco and a good DVD movie.  Early morning breakfast in bed and an all-day slumber party.  Now that’s one way to celebrate the holidays and I know a lot of people dreaming of  spending the holidays that way and they all have one thing in common – they all live busy, hectic and stressful lives.

Well of course if you want to spend the holidays that way, the first thing you’ll need to consider is to eliminate any source of stress in the bedroom and the key element in the bedroom is of course – the bed.  The bed is one place in your house where you can just lie down and doze off all your stress and worries away.  However, some bed gives you even more stress than relaxation so it’s important to always choose the right bed for your room.

When choosing a bed for your room, there are a lot of things to consider like the size, shape, style, texture and price but it all boils down to only two important criteria – QUALITY and COMFORT.  There are a lot of big names in the market that offers both but only one brand is deeply embedded in the hearts of Filipinos – URATEX.

So how would you know what type of bed is best for you based on your physiological needs?  Well, Uratex still has the right tool.  The “Pressure Imaging System” uses advanced technology to match an individual with a type of mattress by measuring pressure, comfort and support.  To do that, Uratex uses the system connected to a computer with custom-designed software.  The result is a graphical display of an individual’s various pressure points in one’s body that would help you choose the best mattress for you.

However if you don’t have the time for the pressure imaging system assessment, here are some excellent URATEX Premium Mattress suggestions that you can already choose from.

Uratex Premium Touch Viscoluxe MemoryViscoLuxePT_F2_red curtain copy-2

With advanced and combined pocket-spring system and body-molding memory foam that provides for that soothing slumber, this outstanding mattress is sensitive to body heat and weight and gently matches to the body’s contours in order to provide relief to pressure points. It also allows the joints and spine to be in natural alignment for that full-body feeling of relaxation and a comfortable sleep with less toss and turns for those who work hard all day long.

Trapunto by Rajo LaurelTrapunto-081_edit3-2

Trapunto means “to embroider” in Italian.   The Trapunto is designed exclusively by globally renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel, features classic European quilting style known for fine elegance and exquisite beauty for that unmatched luxury, support and comfort. The contoured cut and knitted fabric cover provides a soft, posh feel for a cool and relaxed sleeping pleasure. The foam and cover are treated with Sanitized® so you’re protected against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and odor.  And being a 3-zone mattress, Trapunto ensures superior support in the shoulder, lumbar and hip areas.

Uratex Senso Memory Foam MattressSensoMattress_V_F2-2

Say goodnight and goodbye to: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, joint pain, headaches, muscle aches, sciatica, bed sores, pressure points, numbness, stress, fatigue and insomnia with Uratex Senso Memory Foam Mattress.  It is made of high-quality memory or visco-elastic foam developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US for its astronauts and relieve them of extreme pressure during takeoff. It is also treated with Sanitized® to provide safe and effective protection against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and unpleasant odor.

Uratex Orthocare MattressOrthocare Mattress-2

This mattress is a Phil. Orthopaedic Association trusted mattress that helps relieve pain, especially for sleepers with back-pain problems. This medical-grade mattress combines a high-density polyurethane mattress and a multi-zone topper with breathable open-pored cell structure, plus fashionable jacquard-woven damask fabric treated with Sanitized® and quilted cover with an elegant, classic design.

Uratex Purifoam®purifoam(140x140cm)_counter9

For those sensitive to dust mites, allergens and other harmful microorganisms in the bedroom, use the Uratex Purifoam®.  Treated with Sanitized® for long-lasting, safe and effective defense against bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mold, mildew and unpleasant odors, Purifoam® offers superior quality and made with first-class knitted fabric cover for combined strength, comfort and assured long-lasting protection. This mattress is also a definite must-have even for kids, who spend long and tiring days at school—physically and emotionally.

Next to buying healthy food, a mattress that fully supports our body for a restful sleep should be a priority.  It doesn’t really have to be a fancy-looking mattress; as long as it functions well in protecting our body, relieving us of pain and other discomfort while we sleep so that we may be recharged the next day, the mattress should be perfect.

For more information, you may check the Uratex website – www.uratex.com.ph, their facebook account – facebook.com/Uratex Philippines – and through their consumer hotline – 888-6800.

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