The founders of KATA became acquainted with sophisticated military equipment during their service in an elite combat unit. Subsequently, they developed and offered solutions for themselves and other special units for over a decade.   In 1992, in response to an increased demand for their products, and following an extended process of product development, they decided to establish KATA.

KATA’s professional, creative and passionate team has been making outstanding, innovative products for over two and a half decades!  KATA entered the professional broadcast & video market in the mid 90s and then organically expanded into the photo world a decade later.  These developments saw the KATA brand remain true to its core equities of innovation combined with a real focus on the person carrying the equipment as well as on the protection and functionality of the design.

In a very short period of time, KATA evolved from an R&D laboratory to a company that develops, manufactures and markets thousands of products to hundreds of clients, becoming a leader in its field.

KT PL-E-702 – Practical Elements Cover

In 2005 KATA joined the VITEC Group and under its Imaging Division the company has expanded and flourished worldwide working together with its sister companies: Manfrotto, Gitzo, Avenger and others.  Today KATA is a well-known and respected brand in the Video and Photo market, and distributed in over one hundred countries around the world.

KT DL-MX-40 – Marvelx-40

In 2010, following a global research which implicated that weight is the second most important factor for photographers and videographers – after protection, and a long R&D process, KATA launched a new brand era with the introduction of the lightest most protective bags in the market.

The new collections: D-Light, Pro-Light and Ultra-Light, feature a combination of innovative materials and technologies while paying attention to the smallest of details, in order to minimize weight without compromising protection and functionality. All combined with KATA’s unique innovative, world-wide award winning recognition, designs and professionalism bringing to the marketplace products of unrivaled performance and quality.

ULTRA-LIGHT, is KATA’s flagship lightweight collection designed for those in search of the exceptional, who will not settle for less than outstanding performance! A combination of advanced technologies, materials and award winning designs offer state-of-the-art products which embody the ultimate essences of Lightweight Protection without compromises.

KT UL-MB-111 – Minibee 111-UL Backpack
KT UL B 222 – Bumblebee Backpack
KT UL-LT-318 – Light Tri 318 UL Torso Pack

PRO-LIGHTis the multi-featured professional collection, which includes both pro-photo and pro-video products. This collection is designed to provide the best carrying, storage and working solutions and the Lightweight Protective range of products will cater to the smallest detail of the professional photographer’s and videographer’s needs.

KT PL-PV-610 – Pro-V-610 PL for large HDV camcorder or HDSLR video_photokit #37CD
KT PL-A-16 – Access-16 PL Pro Holster
KT PL-B-220 – Bumblebee Professional Backpack
KT PL-LT-317 – LighTri-317 PL Torso Pack for Pro DSLR
KT PL-MTP-120 – Pro-Light Multi 120-PL Backpack

D-LIGHTis a stylish and functional collection, which offers the hobbyist as well as the enthusiast photographer the perfect Lightweight Protection “Camera +” bag, designed for camera gear + everyday personal effects, all in line with KATA’s tradition of unrivaled quality, protection and lightweight.

KT DL-DC-431 – Digital Case 431 DL for mirrorless camera or Handycam
KT DL-DF-408- Pouch for point & shoot camera
KT DL-DR-466 – Digital Rucksack 466-DL
KT DL-LP-40 – Light Pic 40 Shoulder Bag
KT DL-LT-315-B – LighTri-315 DL Torso Pack
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