Talk about perfect timing!  Received some new product samples by mail from Hygiene Science two weeks ago just in time for our regular annual super general cleaning for the holidays.  Got two products from them, Hygiene Pro and Hygiene 24 – two revolutionary disinfectant products that is said to be far more effective than any other brands in the market.


This product is similar to your ordinary household disinfectants but made more potent and safe for use at the same time.  Just wipe over or spray on any surface and let fry.  Hygiene Pro bonds to the surface and keeps killing Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Algae, Fungi and Protozoa for weeks and even months with a single application.

Last week my son’s eyes went sore – a real possible conjunctivitis.  He wasn’t able to go to school because of that.  The whole family went mildly berserk because of that because we can’t afford to get infected.  My daughter has a field trip coming and I have some deadlines and several important meetings to attend to.  What we did was, we switched from the usual hand sanitizers, alcohol and regular disinfectants and put all our faith on the Hygiene Pro and Hygiene 24 and hope for the best.

We sprayed that Hygiene Pro on door knobs, remote controls and any other surface that my son might come in contact with while he was at home and then reminded everyone to use the Hygiene 24 for their hands.

And true to its promise, my son’s sore eyes didn’t pushed through and he went back to school the next day.  None of us got infected.  Thank heavens for the perfect timing indeed Hygiene Science!

Here are the product comparative analysis on Hygiene Pro that we used to base our decision of using it during that most crucial moment:


Hygiene Pro Popular Disinfectant
Food Safe/Physically Kill by Lysis Non Food-Safe/Kills by Poisoning the Cells
Non-Leaching/Environmentally Stable Leach from surface/Harmful Toxins into the environment
Non-Carcinogenic/Impossible to Mutate Some are carcinogenic/Encourage mutations-MRSA
Prevent Cross Contamination Permit cross contamination
Single Application Multiple applications required
Non-Toxic to Animals and Humans/Non-Corrosive Mostly highly toxic/Mostly corrosive
Adheres to almost all surfaces Limited adhesion properties


How to apply:

  1. Do not dilute.  Always use full strength.
  2. Make sure the surface to be treated is clean and dust free.
  3. Spary or mist Hygiene PRO on the surface.
  4. After application, allow to dry completely.  Air-dry or use low-heat blower or fan.
  5. For touchpoints (door handles and knobs, toilet seats and flush handles, dining and kitchen tables, faucet handles, etc.), weekly application is often enough.
  6. Carpets – treat busy areas once a month.  Non busy areas can be treated every 60 to 90 days.
  7. Walls, ceilings and seldom touched- areas are protected up to 60 to 90 days with a single application.
  8. Cellphones, Tablets and similar gadgets – weekly application is often enough.
  9. For garments – soak washed and spin dried items for 1 -2 minutes on Hygiene PRO and allow to dry.  Garment is protected for up to 50 normal washings.
  10. Use it also on aircon filters to kill harmful bacterias and viruses circulating in the air.


This product is a broad spectrum anti-microbial hand shield that kills germs and provides all day protection with a single application.

Not everyone is aware that alcohol and alcogel sanitizers are effective only while wet.  Once dry, alcohol-based sanitizers are unable to kill microbes.  That’s why you need to apply and re-apply many times daily to have some sort of protection.

Hygiene 24 is a revolutionary product that has a patented formula that coats the skin and nails with protective, invisible and indelible anti-microbial shield that protects your hands from germs for up to 10 hand washings with soap and water without reapplication.  A real wonder of science if you ask me.

Hygiene 24 is available in 60ml, 500ml and 4 liter bottles.


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