More is More… when it comes to decorating your homes this Holiday Season!  It is the only time of the year when you can go overboard with the decorations and really get away with it.  Be that as it may, there are still some things that home owners should take note of before decorating and redesigning your living spaces and even offices during the holidays.  If you haven’t started decorating yet then here are some Holiday Decorating Tips for you.  Shared by one of the Philippines’ well-known interior designer – MR. JIE PAMBID last Saturday (November 24) at the Interior Zone of SM City North EDSA.

#1  When to start decorating?

There are no ground rules for this.  Here in the Philippines, you can go as early as the onset of the BER Months which is on September or right after Halloween (November 1).

#2  Where to decorate?

Anywhere and everywhere.  The holiday spirit should be felt in all the corners of the house, from the interiors to the exteriors and yes, even inside the bathroom.  That is the essence of the whole Christmas decoration thing – to make some kind of an over-all impression.  The main thing is to analyze your space very carefully and visualize how you want it to look like or feel like and then decide on the themes you’d like your holiday decoration to embrace.

#3 What holiday decoration themes?

Basically, you can go traditional, modern or eclectic.  Traditional, goes without saying, is the usual green and red scheme.  Here in the Philippines a traditional Christmas is having a ‘Parol’ on the exteriors and a Christmas Tree and even a Belen on the interiors.  Modern is anything that is well… non-traditional like the white, silver, brown, black or gold motif.  Modern may also mean using new holiday designs and accessories and technologies like the ‘teardrop’ animated design lighting.  The use of tropical elements in the designs may also be considered as a modern theme.  Eclectic on the other hand has no central theme – it’s anything goes so-to-speak.  You may mix traditional and modern concepts.

#4 Christmas Trees?

What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree.  The standard minimum is one – that means every home must have one during the holidays for decorating.  There are a lot of options when it comes to Christmas Trees but the two things you have to consider is your preference to what kind of Christmas trees you’d like to have in your home – fresh pine trees or artificial ones?  Of course, fresh pine trees don’t last as long as the artificial trees and it is also very hard to find however, fresh trees have that special scent that can make homes more in tune with the holiday spirit.

#5 How to select a Christmas Tree?

The first thing you’ll need to remember when choosing a tree is proportion.  Don’t get a tree that is too tall or too short – remember to have at least a 1 – 2 feet ceiling allowance from the tip of your tree.  The width of the tree is also important, there are already narrow trees for small or limited spaces which makes it convenient for condo dwellers to decorate their homes with Christmas trees.  Big spaces of course should have trees that are larger in width.  There are also many different colors to choose from.  Aside from the traditional green Christmas trees, we now have white, silver, gold, blue, violet, black and even brown and red.  Another thing that’s buzzing are inverted Christmas Trees which can be hanged to the ceiling.  A bit odd but hey, nothings too odd during the holidays.

#6 Where to put a Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees should be placed in the main focal point of an area.  It should stand-out and not hidden from sight.  When you enter a room, that should be the first thing that catches your eyes.  The usual and most ideal place to put your Christmas Tree would be the curve of a grand staircase, beside a piano or beside a fire place (we don’t have that here in the Philippines).

Mr. Jie Pambid also shared the following practical decorating tips for homes this holiday season:

  • Have lots of garlands ready – always!  It’s the most basic decorating piece for the holiday.
  • Decorating your bedroom for the holiday can be as simple as changing your bed sheets, bed covers and pillow cases.  Have a holiday designed bed sheet and covers ready so you can easily switch on the holiday feel in your private quarters without hanging something on the walls or ceiling.
  • Your exterior decorations should be a continuation of your interior holiday designs.  It should at least have the same theme.
  • Always have electrical outlets ready for your Christmas lights.  Visualize your home’s Christmas decorations and have your electrician place electrical outlets on areas where you’d probably need it.  This will not only be for convenience but for safety purposes as well.  We don’t want people tripping over exposed wires and extension cords.
  • When decorating a Christmas tree start by putting on the Christmas light first before adding the trimmings and other decorations.
  • You may choose any color of Christmas light for your decorations, however, choose only one color.
MR. JIE PAMBID is the Academic Director of the Philippine School Of Interior Design.  He is also the creative Director of JPLake and Associates Interior Designs and Space Planners.
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