Former Sugarfree frontman and now Solo hit-maker EBE DANCEL launched his new single and music video MALIGALIG  last November 14 (Wednesday) at the Excess Bar in Timog.

A few years back, Ebe Dancel would have called it quits from the limelight but fortunately for his fans, like myself –  a huge amount of faith shook Ebe back to his senses and soon after that he was in the studio and breathing life on to new songs once again.


He came out with his debut solo album Dalawang Mukha Ng Pag-ibig, a double CD record under Warner Music Philippines.  The album is composed of all original songs with the first CD containing the full-band version of the 10 tracks while the second CD contains all the same songs but all redone in acoustic takes, recorded in separate sessions for a different sound all the more highlighting Ebe‟s vocals and lyrics.  I love this album!

The album has reached the number 1 spot on iTunes Philippines a month after its launch and spawned the hits  Muli, Wag kang Magalala, Paalam Kahapon and now his 4th single Maligalig.


Maligalig was the first song Ebe wrote for the album. “I think about the day that just passed, and what may and may not happen tomorrow.” Ebe recalls, “Tossing and turning in bed is one of the most painful things one goes through. Problems seem to magnify; Fears seem to be more real at this time. And because you‟re tired, kung ano ano naiisip mo minsan.”

The music video features POLECATS MANILA who also gave the launch guests a live sample of the dance that they did on the video while Ebe performs Maligalig with the band.  When asked if he’s also into Pole Dancing as well, he quips – “Ako lang ata ang Dancel na hindi Dancel (Dancer).”

PoleCats Manila

Here are the tracks:

  • Muli
  • Isang Probinsyano sa Maynila
  • Wag Kang Mag-alala
  • Luha
  • Maligalig
  • Paalam Kahapon
  • Hanggang Sa Dulo
  • Lapit
  • Ikaw ang Aking Tahanan
  • Wag na Tayong Mag-Away
my autographed copy of Ebe Dancel’s album

The carrier single, Muli is vintage Ebe—dynamic vocals, sensitive lyrics backed by driving guitars and drum parts.  Ebe‟s songs, even with his wide range of subjects always has a distinct Ebe Dancel mark on them—poetic, yet relatable lyrics, catchy melodies.  I personally love the song Isang Probinsyano sa Maynila – it’s the beat that got me grooving to this music.  I always find myself singing to the line “..ang bilis ng buhay di-to… O, ang bilis ng buhay di-to.”

Ebe also got to work in this album with the legendary Buddy Zabala, Raimund Marasigan and Francis Reyes. Hanggang sa Dulo is the team up of Ebe‟s aforementioned dream team, which was eventually picked up as soundtrack by a network‟s primetime TV series.


Not unkown to many, Ebe also got into other bands and was a member of Cambio.  He, along with some well-known music artists, Raimud Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, Kris Dancel, and Diego Mapa would play a few shows a month as Cambio and record a few songs on the computer.  But even with their limited appearances together, the band caught on in the local live music scene and has become one of those local acts worth to see.

Even with his busy schedule, Ebe still wrote songs and even helped produced tracks for artists such as SinoSikat and Nyoy Volante. He was also tapped to make music for Chito Roño‟s musical, Emir.  It was actually while working on another project—writing and producing songs for Warner Music’s all-girl rock band General Luna—that led to his Solo career.


But before all these and and his Sugarfree days, Ebe’s first attempt at song-writing was when he wrote a love song for a neighbor crush entitled ‘How Can I Tell Her That I love Her’ when he was just 11.  He has lost count of the number of songs (published and unpublished) that he wrote since then.  During his college days in UP, he grew fond of OPM rock bands particularly Colour It Red and started performing in a band as well with school buddies.


Ebe was given the title as National Peace Ambassador by Malacañang alongside other musicians, TV personalities and celebrities to promote peace.  The awarding ceremony took place at the Palace, and the “I am for Peace” campaign formal launch was led by President Benigno S. Aquino III.  He also recently composed and recorded a song titled “Iisa” which is about individuals searching for peace in their own lives.

“I dedicate this song to all Filipinos including those who have their own personal conflicts to overcome. I think we should all give peace a chance by forgiving each other’s shortcomings and respecting each other’s opinions,” Ebe said. “It’s my take on the situation. And I really pray that no more lives are taken, no more homes are destroyed, no more dreams crushed by armed conflict,” he added.


His vocals and sensitive, relevant lyrics always resonated with the common Filipino.  And it should come as no surprise that his interpretation of Filipino composer Toto Sorioso’s “Tayo-Tayo Lang” bagged 2nd place at the first ever Philippine Popular Music Festival.  Ebe also said that it was his most painful performance – literally, because he was ill and having throat problems that day.


Ebe hopes to come out with a new single next year.  He also expressed that it is also his dream to do a collaboration project with artists like Gary Valenciano, Gary Granada, and all of his favorite artists someday.

Ebe Dancel is indeed a great artist!  One of the Philippines best song-writer.  A really awesome musician!  When asked, if he wasn’t a musician today what would he be – Ebe quickly answered, “I will be working in an NGO helping street children.”

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