It’s undeniable that right now, TEA has become quite a very popular drink here in the Philippines second only to coffee and has even surpassed fruit juices, shakes and even sodas for the cold drink category.  One type of cold tea blend seems to have taken hold of the market in the past Months – THAI MILK TEA.

In Thailand, Cold Tea is served as either Cha Dum Yen (plain Iced Tea) or the Cha Yen (Iced Tea with milk).

Honestly, my first taste of Milk Tea has not been a very pleasant one.  The taste was just not jiving with my personal expectations of how a tea is served.  However, I have to say that with practice, one can really grow to enjoy Milk Teas as an alternative drink.

Just like my experience with it, I think majority of Pinoys have grown to like it in time and entrepreneurs have taken notice of this, that’s why there’s been like an explosion of Milk Tea Bars and Kiosks all over the metro and they’re all doing well considering the immense number of competitions right now.

JELLY G, Ali Mall Branch

I have tried quite a number of Milk Tea brands and just last Friday I visited this Kiosk at the lower level of Ali Mall called JELLY G.

JELLY G highlights the use of Grass Jelly or Leaf Jelly to enhance and heighten the taste and visual appeal of their drinks.  They do serve a lot of different drinks like Tea, Coffee, Chocolates and Fruit Juices but JELLY G takes pride in claiming the title as the only drink brand in the market that serves authentic, creamy and perfectly blended THAI milk tea.Thai Milk Tea is the main product of JELLY G.  It is characterized by its deep amber color of the tea and its milk-tinted layer.  The combination of strongly-steeped tea, dairy and sugar make it a perfect complement to refresh ones thirst.

JELLY G Marketing Head, Rowel Acebuche said that all their drinks are fresh and natural.  Tea leaves and coffee grounded beans are freshly steeped, guaranteeing each customers of the drink’s vividness.  Fruit juices are made from puree, preserving its natural flavour and fruitfulness.  Each drink is then sweetened and blended to reach its creaminess.

Health Benefits

Each JELLY G drink also has its own health benefits.  For example a good serving of JELLY G’s Thai Milk Tea is an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin A.  It is generally low in fat and it may also positively influence blood pressure.  Most teas have a great calming effect on the body.The Jasmine Tea and Green Tea in their Jasmine Green variant is  particularly healthy because of its powerful antioxidants.  It offers many health benefits, including a reduced risk of cancer, lower heart rate, blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol levels.

The Oolong Tea in their Chai Tea variant is also beneficial in reducing chronic bodily conditions such as heart diseases and inflammatory disorders.  It helps in reducing high cholesterol levels, promoting superior bone structure, robust skin and good dental health.

Coffee is also a great anti-oxidant and it improves physical endurance and cognitive functions.

GRASS JELLY on the other hand, also has some awesome health benefits:

  • It reduces fever
  • It prevents indigestion
  • It lowers high blood pressure
  • It acts as a diuretic
  • It increases fertility

Aside from the healthy drinks, JELLY G also has some snack items and merienda treats like these flavored bread toasts:

Vanilla Classic
Caramel Dream
Chocolate Ecstacy
Pandan Delight

And also snack items like, dried coconuts, spicy mango, thai sweet tamarind, dilis with sesame seed and peanut with sesame seed.

At JELLY G’s Ali Mall branch you may also have your drink while playing a couple of rounds of games with a friend.  Each table is supplied with board games like chess, dominoes and checkers.  That makes drinking THAI MILK TEA at JELLY G Ali Mall doubly enjoyable. 🙂

You may check out JELLY G’s other branches at:

  • Food Choices, Glorietta 4
  • Food Choices, Alabang Town Center
  • 3rd Level, Activity Center, Market! Market!
  • Activity Center, Marquee Mall
  • Food Court, SM Marikina
  • 2nd Level, SM City Manila
  • 2nd Level, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
  • 3rd Level, Treasure Trove, Chef’s Ave., Festival Supermall

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