Jason Fernandez entered the music scene when he was 18 years old as the front man of Rivermaya when Rico Blanco left the Band.  He won the Bagong Liwanag: The Search for the New Rivermaya Vocalist and was dubbed as the band’s third generation lead vocals.  That was in 2007.

Jason Fernandez left the band on August, 2011 and formed Sta. Maria.  Jason together with his band is now all set to release a debut album this Month under Ivory Music and Video.

According to Jason Fernandez, this album marks another start for him.

“I have been working on this album for the past year, and I am very proud with how everything turned out.  The wait is definitely worth it.  The album follows my journey as a musician.”

When asked what the public can expect from the album, Jason quips that its sound will show his musical influences, including his former band Rivermaya.

“It is undeniable that Rivermaya and its music made me evolve not just as a musician, but also as a human being. The group has taught me a lot, and this album will prove that,” says Jason. “I will forever be grateful to Rivermaya for the opportunity and the lessons that they have imparted to me.”

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