I saw this graffiti at the foot of the Altura flyover, Pureza end near Hippodromo during one of my morning walk after taking my 8 year old daughter to school.  I always walk every morning from Santol to Nagtahan except when it’s raining.   Aside from saving 8 pesos for the Jeepney fare, it’s also a way for me to do a 10-15 minute cardio exercise.  I miss jogging in the afternoon though.

Anyway, this graffiti caught my attention because it has a very positive message.  It says “Spread Love!”  Cool right?  And then it said.. RIP Sir, DILG .. referring to the late Secretary Jesse Robredo.

I don’t know the late DILG Secretary but he must’ve made an impact to this simple Graffiti Artist and that tells a lot about the kind of person Jesse Robredo is.  A lot of people are saying that the late Secretary was a great loss to the country, and maybe I believe that he really was.

So RIP Sir DILG.  To honor him, let’s all SPREAD LOVE!

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