A few months ago, a 20kg pack of VALUE MEAL DOG FOOD from VITALITY was delivered to our house.  It was perfect timing because two months before that, we had adopted a girl Shih Tzu named “BEAUTY.”

Beauty was a real beauty.  She’s so affectionate, well-trained and very bright.  Although one of the main problem we’ve had with her was her eating habit.  She’s used to eating ‘people’s food’ so when we introduced her to dog food (different brand) as suggested by a dog care specialist to keep her from having health problems, it was like we need to beg her and refuse to give her other food, just to let her try it out.

That’s why it was so amazing that when the pack arrived, Beauty was jumping and running all around and didn’t stop until we gave her a bowl of VALUE MEAL dog food.  It was the first time we saw her do that – she was never like that with the other brand.  Here was the FB post I made after that incident:

I learned later some important lessons in dog food after that.  Here are some of the things that I have taken note of when it comes to dogs and their food:

  • Chicken causes allergies.  The main ingredients of Value Meal Dog Food is Lamb and Beef.  Those are not only dog-friendly ingredients but dogs love it.
  • Although generally, it’s best to feed dogs a grain-free diet – one can’t discount the benefits of whole grain in dog food as it contain OMEGA 6 which not only aids in dog digestion resulting to firm and less foul smelling stools but also gives them that shiny coat.
  • Make sure also to read the labels of your dog food – VALUE MEAL is developed and manufactured in Australia and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Accredited.
  • A poor diet also causes a dog to shed more.  Thanks to VALUE MEAL – my Beauty always look so beautiful.

Here she is, VALUE MEAL’s newest endorser. 🙂

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