Can anyone guess the dirtiest part of our body?

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but here are the TOP 3 Most Dirtiest part of our body:

Third Place goes to our ARMPITS – They smell bad and that’s reason enough to assume that there are lots of germs in that area.

Second Place goes to our HANDS -mainly because almost everything we do involves some hand contact from shaking hands to opening doors and scratching.

First Place is hereby awarded to our MOUTH – Oh yes, survey says, they’re definitely the dirtiest part of the body.  Even dirtier than our rectal area (the place where we do most of our solid eliminations).

Our mouth is a haven for millions and millions of bacteria.  Imagine decaying food and other stuff – brushing alone won’t be able to get rid of these microorganisms and just because your mouth has that minty fresh feel in it doesn’t mean that they are really clean or germ free.

But don’t worry because today’s advances in dental and oral hygiene has presented several interventions for making your mouth less dangerous and ready for kissing anytime.  Take for example ORASIL.

I am an avid fan of mouthwashes because I believe that it really helps my mouth to stay fresh for a long time.  I am not too proud with my set of teeth and maybe in the future I could get some of them fixed but for now I’m settling for my non fluoride all natural tooth paste (Aloe Vera, Bee Propolis) called Forever Bright Aloe Vera Toothgel partnered with a mouthwash, so it was really awesome when a friend of mine gave me this white and green bottle of ORASIL mouthwash to try.

ORASIL is no ordinary mouthwash.  It’s different from all the other mouthwash that I’ve tried.  The bottle says that it is a Multi-Care Mouth Wash.

It’s an alcohol-free, spearmint flavored mouthwash that not only gives you longer lasting fresh breath but it also:

  • Kills bad breath germs
  • Fights Cavities
  • Whitens Teeth

Another thing that I love about ORASIL is that it doesn’t have that stinging sensation when you use it.

ORASIL is made from stabilized hydrogen peroxide and xylitol which is said to be ingredients that are safe and proven to effectively whitens teeth and keeps breath fresh throughout the day without masking it with artificial flavorings.

ORASIL maintains the natural PH level of the mouth because it does not contain alcohol so basically it is better in controlling the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

ORASIL also comes in cool mint flavor but I have already grown to like the spearmint flavor more.  This mouthwash definitely earns its way to our house’s hygiene cabinet and my bag’s hygiene pocket.

ORASIL is manufactured by KOHL Industries Corporation which is a 100% Filipino corporation.  Proud to be pinoy! 🙂

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