What in the world is InterPop?

There’s JPop (Japan), KPop (Korea) and Pinoy Pop… but what is InterPop?

Well, last May 22 (Tuesday) during lunch at Dolce Bar in Tomas Morato I got introduced to an emerging INTERPOP boyband called DOWN TO MARS.

DOWN TO MARS was formed and managed by dance choreographer and talent builder- Geleen Eugenio way back in 2011.  It is composed of seven talented young inter-asian guys (half Chinese, Korean, Japanese -all Filipino):

DAISUKE – The Theater Actor

SKY –  The Dance Floor Prince

YHEEN – The Rapper-Ramp Model

KIRO – The Talented Frat Guy

KENJI – The Rock Alternative Lad

JANG – The Balladeer

JEONGWON – The Pop Belter

DOWN TO MARS is an inter-pop music group.  The word Inter Pop was actually derived from their interracial roots and their myriad of musical influences.  The group also write their own songs –  this might have been the plus factor that led Down to Mars to a contract with the record label PolyEast Records Philippines and a self-titled album.

I have always believed that boy bands (not only Asian boy groups) will make a comeback.  We have seen the exponential rise of western groups to the hit charts like One Direction, The Wanted and BTR.   Maybe, (just maybe) this is the right time for the Philippines to jump in the band wagon.

As I was listening to their album which is composed of 5 original tracks and an extended remix of their carrier single “My Everything,”  I can’t help but wonder if this could finally be the group that the Philippines has been waiting for to carve the country’s name to the Asian music scene?

Surprisingly, the tracks are all good and they sound much better than the other boy groups that came before them.  I personally love their carrier “My Everything” which features Marian Rivera as their guest in the music video.  Also, I fell in love instantly with their Tagalog ballad “Nandito Lang Ako”  – the only tagalog song in the album.

The arrangements are superb and they were all done by Jimmy M except for “Nandito lang Ako” which was done by Mr. Bobby Velasco.

The album is out now under PolyEast Records.  Here are the track list:

My Everything

O, Oh here We Are


Fool’s Paradise

Nandito Lang Ako

My Everything (Funk Avy Remix)

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken from the Down To Mars Album Launch at Dolce Bar, Tomas Morato:

Wilma Galvante

The Department of Tourism also chose Down to Mars to represent the country in the celebration of South Korea’s National Day on July 22.  They are also set to having their first concert this coming September 2012.

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