Our last stop in our Quezon Road Trip was a place in Malupak, Lucban Quezon called Batis Aramin Resort, Hotel and Adventure Camp.

 To get there from Sariaya, we went past the towns of Lucena and Tayabas.  Tayabas is my father’s home town and we used to go there when I was still little.

Anyway, I’m not the beach type of person, I prefer the cozy and greener environment than the sand and ocean so Batis Aramin was my favorite stop in this road trip.  Although this place is located nowhere near a beach, the wonderful landscape, elegant cottages and pools makes this equally a relaxing place to have your summer adventure.  It’s simply paradise.

Batis Aramin has a lot of fully air conditioned rooms and cottages, too many to mention.  Ranging from a double occupancy attic room (PhP1,200) to a 26 capacity Amihan Hall (PhP11,000).

Aside from the pools, Batis Aramin also has an adventure camp that allows a wide range of group activities like climbing the rappel wall, enjoying the zip-line, fishing and boating, riding a bike and playing in their basketball and badminton courts.

The only problem with this place is if you’re old.  Why?  Because the place is really big.  The spaces between cottage houses, halls and pools are like two buildings apart from each other.  Well, that’s fine with me because the view is so wonderful that you’ll enjoy to just walk or jog around.  Check out some photos of the areas that I’ve had the chance of taking during our tour inside:

They have this huge sign boards and road signs so that you won’t get lost because the place is really big.

They have quite a number of a different variety of plants, trees and flowers – found this growing around a gazeebo
One of their pool area

Another plus for this place is that on the other side of the major road where Batis Aramin is located is a well-known Catholic Pilgrimage site called “Kamay ni Hesus” which lies on the foot of Mt. Banahaw.  People usually go to this place to do the Way of the cross because it has this life-size images of the 14 stations of the Way of The Cross that you’ll find as you climb up on a 292 steps hill.  A 50ft statue of Jesus will be found on the summit which is said to be as one of the tallest statue of Jesus ever made.  There is also a church inside the pilgrimage site where healing priest Fr. Joey Faller officiates.

Here are the wife and the kids, we’re at the restaurant – dining hall area of Batis Aramin waiting for our food.  We ordered Liempo and Sinigang na Baboy. 🙂

Batis Aramin is an ideal place when you want to have your summer adventure or outing in Quezon Province.  If you’re Catholic it can be a relaxing place to rest after your pilgrimage at the Kamay ni Hesus.  It can also be an exciting place for your group activities or just a get-away place from the crowded and stressful City life.

Buying your ‘pasalubong’ is also a breeze.  You can get it just outside Batis Aramin, there is long line of shops that sells all kinds of pasalubong and other native Lucban products and items.  We brought home some Lucban longanisa, Pancit Lucban, Uraro, Merengue and my favorite Budin.

I highly recommend that you go and visit this place when you are in Lucban.  Happy trails buckaroos! 🙂

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  2. Hi Sir. Love your trip in quezon specifically kamay ni hesus and batis aramin. By the way, in batis aramin is it allowed to go swimming as walk in guests? as in not necessarily checked-in? How much is the swimming rate? thanks.