2012 – Maundy Thursday this year falls on April 5.  Our usual activity during this day of the year is to go and visit Churches while doing the ‘way of the cross.’  Last year we were able to complete all 14 churches and our destination was the south of Metro Manila here’s a link to that post VISITA IGELESIA 2011 – this year we’ve decided to hop around 7 Churches in the City of Manila by foot.

We started with the closest parish to our place – SANTA MARIA GORETTI PARISH located at the Pope Pius XII Catholic Center, United Nations Avenue, Paco, Manila. 

St. Mary Goretti Parish is a very young parish that was constructed in 1982 by the order of the late Manila Archbishop  Jaime Cardinal Sin and Msgr. Justino Ortiz as its first Parish Priest.

The parish was a great starting point for our Visita Iglesia, because they’re giving away free Pan de Leche as ‘pabaon’ to all the parish visitors.  The bread tastes really good. 🙂

Parish Number two is Saint Vincent de Paul Parish, located at San Marcelino St. built in 1912 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the vincentians and sisters of charity in the Philippines.  It was originally used as the official church of Paco way back in 1898 to 1909.  Adamson University was built around the church.

The third parish we visited was the parish of Nuestra Senor De Guia (The Our Lady of Guidance) or most popularly known as Ermita Church, located at M.H. Del Pilar St. in between P. Faura and UN Avenue.  This parish was founded in 1606 but the stone church was built in 1947.

After Ermita, we then went through Rizal Park to get to the gates of Intramuros for our next two churches.  Here’s a view of the round table gate of Intramuros at night.

Our fourth church is the oldest standing church in the Philippines which was completed in 1607, San Agustin Church of Manila.   San Agustin Church hosts the image of Our Lady of Consolation (Nuestra Senora de Consolacion y Correa) and a museum.

The whole stretch of Intramuros from San Agustin to the Manila Cathedral is filled with different kinds of street foods and other items.  The most common food items being sold are peanuts, inihaw na mais, burgers, cotton candies, beverages, etc.  It’s like a town Fiesta.

Church number five is still inside Intramuros, the church of the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception or the Manila Cathedral.  Manila Cathedral is actually more than a cathedral it is a Minor Basilica or the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception as elevated by the late Pope John Paul II in 1981.

Our sixth Church is Sta. Cruz.  The parish of Sta. Cruz was erected in 1619 under the Jesuits and enshrined the image of the Our Lady Pilar in 1643.

It was late and we haven’t had our dinner yet so before we went to our seventh and final church, we had our dinner first at Chowking, Sta. Cruz.

After Sta. Cruz, we rode a Jeepney back to Pedro Gil and walked towards our last church, the Parish of San Fernando de Dilao or Paco Church.

So that’s it, our final church for our Visita Iglesia 2012.  Before we went home, we dropped by McDonald’s for a quick midnight snack and some rest.

Have a meaningful Holy Week everyone!


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