“The days are longer.. The nights are shorter
The sun is shining..  It’s noticeably warmer

Summer, every single moment is worth it’s weight in gold
Summer, it’s like the world’s best story and it’s waiting to be told
It’s ice cream cones and cherry soda dripping down your chin
It’s summer, man, where do we begin?”

Summer (Where Do We Begin) -Phineas and Ferb

I love that song!  Do you know that song?  Well, it’s already summer here in the Philippines and everyone’s feeling the heat!  That means.. It’s that time of year where we scout for some summer get-away places for barkada excursions and family outings!

Well, look no further, because I have some suggestions here for you!  Hmmm.. but where to start?

How ’bout we start with Quezon Province?  That works for you?

What’s in Quezon, according to our research there are several beach resorts located in Sariaya, Quezon and also some wonderful resorts and parks in Lucban, Quezon.  Here’s a map to where we want to go:

To get to Lucban and Sariaya, we will need to get the route to Sto. Tomas Batangas after South Super Highway.

Let’s go!

Our first stop was of course, breakfast.  We made a quick stop at a Jollibee Shell SLEX Stop Over for some breakfast and to get some supplies for the trip because it’s going to be a long trip.

From the shell station, we then traveled for about 2 hours to get to Bignay 2, Sariaya Quezon for our first resort.  The Monte Vista Beach Resort.

Monte Vista Beach Resort

According to the care-takers, this used to be a part of the Monte Vista Resort in Laguna but is now under new management.  I recommend this place for those who want to have a simple summer beach escapade but on a very tight budget.  Because for this summer, Monte Vista’s rate will be rock-bottom cheap.   Why?  Because some areas inside the resort will undergo renovation.  Their cottages and rooms are not that great looking right now.  Did I mention that they are under new management?  Ok here are some of the photos that I’ve taken:

the beach area
bahay Kubo

The rooms are not that classy or well maintained but it will do for a simple excursion and for people who are not that sensitive.  This is like a renovation sale for the resort, so better take advantage of the low price.

All their rates are now on 50% discount!  Check out these rates and then slash 50% from it.. That’s how cheap this place is.

Regular Rates: (50% off for Summer 2012)

SMALL KAMALIG (20pax) – 6,000 (overnight)

LARGE DUPLEX (60 pax) – 12,000 (overnight)

BUNGALOW No Aircon (1-2 pax) – 5,000 (overnight)

BUNGALOW w/ Aircon (1-2 pax) – 6,000 (overnight)

BAHAY_KUBO No Aircon (6 pax) – 7,000 (overnight)

FAMILY HOUSE W/ Aircon (8 pax) – 10,000 (overnight)

Amenities aside from the beach:

  • A pool which will be operational by April
  • Videoke (1,500.00)
  • Volleyball Area
For reservations and inquiries contact Ms. Lorna De Los Reyes 09225000014/09274375958
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