I was invited last Tuesday (January 17) to watch a re-staging of a musical play production presented by A.G.H.A.M Theatre Company (ATC) of the University of Makati entitled ALAMAT.


In a far off land of Orkidya, there dwells a society of peace-loving encanto.  Imana, apart from being enchanting is adventurous by nature.  Her stubborn curiosity led her to daring escapades in search for proofs that cursed and terrifying creatures they call “tao” still exist – who according to myth, were the embodiment of greed and destruction.

Imana’s curiosity led her to Tarsus, a forbidden territory where a dark encanto Ulanag was banished by Maranaya Sura, Queen of Orkidya.

Meanwhile, true to their image, the greedy “tao” were able to set the dark encanto free from a thousand years of equally dark captivity.

Amidst a dreadful tale of the destructive clouts of “tao”, of Ulanag’s thirst for revenge and Sura’s heroic defense of her kingdom, a spellbinding love affair develops.

ALAMAT is now on its 9th season and the January 17-19 schedule is a re-run.  And in my opinion, this show has a better stage production value than that of resorts world’s  “The Sound of Music.”

I can summarize the story in three words:  “Ferngully meets Avatar” 🙂

The story’s plot is simple but is driven by very good characters and some nice funny scenes.  There are some holes in the story and a bit lacking in depth but over all it was a very entertaining watch – and after that long walk from Tulay, Guadalupe to the venue – all I really wanted at that moment was to be entertained. 🙂

I love the set and the production designs!  Congratulations to the production designs crew.  A bit more imagination on the lighting and special effects and it would be at par with the big stage productions in the country.

The acting was great, all the actors were equally talented – I just wished that the delivery of dialogues in some parts were a bit more clearer and slower.  The music is superb – the songs are great.

There were a lot scene shifting black outs – I think this affects the momentum of the story – If it can be done, I think the directors could device some other kind of creative scene shifting techniques next time to lessen the black outs.

The costumes are fantastic!  It’s like I’m watching a CosPlay conference – great job!

Kudos to A.G.H.A.M Theatre Company and all the casts and crew of the musical play ALAMAT!

A.G.H.A.M Theatre Company (ATC) is Angking Galing at Husay sa Arte at Musika!  Founded in 1995 by Patrick Almaden.  Through the years of relentless effort, this group was able to expand its network of stage performers, painters, musicians, directors and art consultants both in the world of academe and the professional world.  Today ATC is progressively building a niche in the world of theatre and arts.  Central to its thrusts, is the grass-root communities.  It specializes in creating an all-Filipino and all-original concepts in scripts, stage designs, costumes and musical score.

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