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Last Wednesday’s Eat’s A Date was a real french treat!  Tasted some of PARIS DELICE’s wonderful sandwiches, pasta and desserts.


It’s not a French formal restaurant.

It’s not even a French bakeshop.

According to Chef Alfredo Peralta, PARIS DELICE is a French FastFOOD Restaurant.

Paris Délice is an alternative fast food restaurant that carries authentic French bread, pastries, sandwiches, quiches and salads.   Located at#1 Juno Street, corner Makati Avenue in the City of Makati.  Just a block away from Jupiter Street.


Staying true to the tradition of a real French FastFood, Paris Délice’s bread and pastries are imported from Paris, while vegetables and dairy are sourced from local organic farms.  Everything is prepared fresh daily to guarantee an authentic French culinary experience.

panini sampler

First up was a sampler of their best sandwiches served with Salad Verte with Vinaigrette and caramelized walnuts.  The plate contains three types of paninis: CLASSIQUE (prosciutto, tomatoes, cheese and basil), TARTIFLETTE (potato, bacon, reblochon cheese) and LEGUMES ROTI (grilled zucchini and feta cheese). All three sandwiches tasted great but what I really enjoyed the most is the Salad.

poulet au pestou

French cuisines have pasta and according to CHEF ALFREDO PERALTA, their POULET AU PISTOU is their best-selling pasta dish at Paris Delice.  This french pesto pasta is usually topped with sun dried tomatoes, chicken and mozzarella cheese.

lemon tart and choco-banana tart

For dessert, Mini Lemon and Choco-Banana Tart.  If I have to choose between the two, I’ll choose the Lemon Tart.

What sets Paris Delice apart from other French shops here in the Philippines is that they are committed to serving fresh and healthy dishes all the time.  The flour that they are using for the bread is imported from a trusted source.  “That is what makes our sandwiches different from others because the flour that we are using is the same flour that real french restaurants are using.” said Chef Peralta.

There is a beverage/salad counter and a pastry counter filled with treats that you wont find in any other FastFood Restaurant.  This is the only FastFood I know that serves quick meals that are healthy and delicious.  A real alternative indeed.

pastry counter
beverage and salad counter
Beverage Menu Board

Yes they have coffee but they have even more.

– French Breads and Pastries

– Sandwiches

– Fresh Salads

– Hot Dishes and Soups

– Desserts and other Beverages

Their dishes may be hard to pronounce but they are great and deeply satisfying! 🙂


The mood inside Paris Delice is serene.  Conducive for not only a quick satisfying French meal but also for short meetings, quality chat with friends and even to finish deadlines.  The shop offers Free WiFi service.  You may choose to dine inside their air-conditioned Restaurant or opt to stay outside.  Either way, you’re sure to get a comfortable feel amidst the busy business district.

While dining inside Paris Delice, I can’t help but notice that there are a lot foreigner who frequent their shop.  Chef Peralta told me that although they have a regular following of foreigners, their main customers are really the young professionals.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the place were the paintings.  These paintings that are displayed all over the store is the work of a French painter who is a friend of the owners.  All of the paintings are for sale as well.

Paris Delice is open from 7am to 10pm Dine In or Take Out.

Paris Delice also delivers within the Makati Business Area.  Call 2181662 or 7980740.

They’ll be having a second branch at the Enterprise soon!

bonne journée!

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken during our Paris Delice experience:

Eat’s A Date at Paris Delice
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  1. A new French restaurant.. and a fast food? Interesting. I’ve been craving for something French the past few days because of something I’m working on and this made me think this is a sign I should satisfy my craving real soon. LOL

    I love the paintings, by the way! 🙂

  2. I’m just wondering.. if the bread/pastries were imported from Paris.. would they not be fresh by the time they arrive at the Philippines? (curious question, hope you don’t bash me 🙂 )
    Thanks .

    1. Hi Allen, according to Chef Peralta.. aside from the imported flour and other ingredients, they also import breads.. they are brought here frozen but I don’t really know the science behind it. 🙂

  3. Wow, I never thought there’d be a French fast food resto.. 🙂 The store logo looks posh enough to pass up as a fine dining. Will definitely try this when I get the chance.


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