SanDisk offer a great solution for preserving great memories for generations with the SanDisk Memory Vault because memories are priceless!

sandisk memory vault

This sleek 3-inches metallic device is designed to last for up to 100 years preserving your most precious memories for generations to come.   It comes with a micro Type B ended USB 2.0 high speed cable, writable labels and a storage pouch.

The SanDisk Memory Vault comes in two storage capacities – 8gb and 16gb.  This is not designed for quick transfer of files but as a very wonderful solution for long-term reliability and durability.  Tested to support data retention for up to 100 years as well as protecting the quality of photos and videos.

The Major Advantage:

The SanDisk Memory Vault unlike Hard Drives, it doesn’t have moving parts and unlike DVD’s, it is not prone to scratch and other environmental risks that may cause photos to fade over time.   The new storage device uses memory technology to ensure long-term preservation of your photos and videos.

Our collections of digital pictures and videos are usually stored on local hard drives.  However, hard disks – both primaries and backups – eventually fail.   Therefore, to preserve these files, one must undergo the tedious  process of replacing and upgrading their hardware every five years to avoid data loss.

Others uses cloud storage, which offloads the chore of backing up data and replacing backup storage hardware to a third party.  A new, smart and easy solution.

A third option however would be is to store these valuable memories on a durable device like the SanDisk Memory Vault.

The only downside to this so far is the price.  The 8gb capacity is sold for P2,500.00 while the 16gb for P3,900.00.

But like I said, Memories are PRICELESS!

To give you an idea on storage capacity.   I have a 16gb SanDisk Memory Vault on hand and with my 8MP Digital Camera, I can store up to 6,400 photos (2MB each).  I’m a heavy clicker so I’ll probably need a lot of these to store all my photos.  For now, this storage will be dedicated to all the vintage scanned family photo album prints way back when a digital camera is just a featured item on the world of tomorrow. 🙂

SanDisk Memory Vault is exclusively available at Digital Walker and Digital Hub outlets nationwide.

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