Asiansation Christian Bautista adds another feather to his cap with his first international album Outbound.

Outbound features Christian’s collaboration with music producers and artists he met and worked with from the United States, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The album consists of eight songs which is a good mix of slow and upbeat ballads.  The first single All That’s Left offers Christian’s new, bolder sound, and further proves that he is more than just a balladeer.  All That’s Left MTV features CosPlay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao.


Last Sunday afternoon (November 12), a special press conference for bloggers was held at the Universal Record Tower Building.  A bubbly Christian Bautista faced the seated crowd of bloggers which is not quite really what I’ve expected of the man who has won numerous recognition here and abroad.  This is the first time that I’ve come face to face with the singer-actor and I’ve always thought of him as someone who is the serious and the soft spoken type.  But he was more candid and funnier than anyone has expected.  He was very accommodating and everyone sensed that they’re going to talk to a real person and not a facade, and this made the interviews more free flowing and interesting.

Here are some of Christian Bautista’s answers to the interview questions:

If you are to quantify your success in Asia, how are you going to describe it?

The exponential growth of my rise (kids the group).. it all started with a song, ‘the way you look at me’  nag number 1 siya sa radio stations sa Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.  But Indonesia lang yung kumuha sa akin to promote me actively.  So that’s why mas malaki ang presence ko sa Indonesia up to now, so..naging double platinum yung album and nasundan pa ng isang album … and thankfully with Kitchen Musical, na introduce ako sa Macao.  Right now, i’m thankful sa Indonesia, Kitchen Musical and Singapore at na re-introduce ako.

Are you done with Kitchen Musical and is there going to be a second season?

There are plans for a 2nd season, maybe next year pero i’m still waiting for the contract before I can announce.  

Christian, in the middle of the Interview announced that Kitchen Musical will have a western adaptation and will be called “THE AVALON.”

Do you have plans to go back to theater?

My dream production is Moulin Rouge, if there is a good production I would love to do theater again.


A lot of me has change since the Kitchen Musical role, right now I am trying to dance…. it gave me the confidence to move.. Madami din ako natutunan sa mga kasama ko.  Like the importance of rest.. medyo mas matapang na ako ng konti, I am more opinionated now and looking towards the future.  Like this album, we’ve never done anything like this before  – sabi nung iba masyado ka kumi-KPOP and masyado trying hard.. but well hey, kailan ko pa gagawin ‘to?  Now is the best time – I am now showcased in 19 countries – whether they like me or not.  And besides, I have something to offer.  I am hoping more collaborations…and ultimately to bring pride to the Filipinos.

Pressures and any plan of having a concert in Japan?

Pressured yes, kasi syempre andun yung kailangan mahigitan mo yung mga previous records and songs mo.  Pero, meron na ako nung “I’m Already King” so medyo ok na ako. (smiles) Yung ibang songs na lang ang wait-and-see pa.  Japan?  Well I have Baby M in the Album  – and we’re still working out something with a major label there.

Future projects similar to Kitchen Musical?

We’re gonna do the bathroom musical next, we’re all Janitors (kids the group) … we’re gonna promote Kitchen Musical as much as we can.. Sa ngayon wala pang other plans..  The plan is to promote Kitchen Musical and this album to the region and hopefully we’ll see.

Christian co-wrote his latest single “All that’s Left” what’s the inspiration?

Ngayon kasi when I get inspired at may biglang thought na pumasok.. I put it on my Blackberry Phone (promotes).. tapos when I need a song I just pull out my phone tapos magdadag-dag na lang ko ng.. your eyes, your eyes, or your.. (everybody laughs)

With regards to Blackberry, I have regular friends that BBM me or I BBM, fans.. twitter lang.

Christian loves BlackBerry

He was pleased to showcase the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook in the All That’s Left music video, which paired Christian with Cosplay queen Alodia Gosienfiao (check out the video in this post).

Do you regularly go on Twitter?

Not as regularly as my boss would like.  

How comfortable are you with your new sound?

I like it!  All my life I love ballad and I still do.  Pero sa concert when you sing 22 ballads people tend to… (imitates sleeping).   So that’s why I have to put in a novelty sound here and there.  Pero ngayon I am confident enough and I do believe in myself enough ‘hey I think I can do this’.  Feeling ko hindi naman siya pilit, tama yung timing, tama yung producer na na-meet ko.  nung marinig ko melodic pa rin siya meron lang beat ng konti.  So Ok siya, it’s like a modern ballad.  Hindi naman siya yung super out of this world.  

And we have a special special plan next year .. pero secret na lang muna. (Ano kaya yun? Hmm.) 🙂

Upcoming Concert?

Yes, next year but we don’t know what Month yet.  Pero I’ll have a major concert next year.

Do you read the reactions and comments on your YouTube videos?

Sometimes, not that often.. pero I do.

Love Life?

My love life and personal life will be private from now on.  If ever I’ll have any relationship, I’m gonna try to be less public about it and maybe it will work out this time.

I am now more open to considering relationships with non-Filipino women if ever it happens. 

Here some pics of the event and the interview:

After the Interview, Christian Bautista signed some albums and then gave a wonderful live performance of his song “I’m already King”


OUTBOUND is out now in all major record stores nationwide under Universal Records with 8 tracks.

  1. All That’s Left
  2. Unphotographable
  3. Faith (a George Michael original)
  4. I’m Already King
  5. What Can I Do
  6. Never Far Away (with Jim Brickman)
  7. Wrong Number
  8. Sakura (with Baby M)

The Christian Bautista’s Blogger’s Conference is brought to you by Universal Records in cooperation with Pinoy Magazine and official online partner Orange Magazine TV.  Special thanks to Ever Bilena Blackwater.

Special thanks to Anton Magno Carranza Jr. of pusangkalye.net for the group picture. 🙂

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