It was a real ‘Bloggers Night’ last night at 7th High in Bonifacio High Street during the launch of BPI’s “Wonderworld.”

The ambiance of 7th High had a futuristic theme – the only thing missing is a Howard Stark figure (Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s Father) explaining ‘The World of Tomorrow.’ (please refer to Captain America 2011 Movie)  🙂

The event started with a dance intro from the Philippine All Stars – I’ve seen the All Stars perform live at Resorts World Manila as part of the cast of KAOS The Musical.  They’re good.

In the middle of the performance, the center screen was utilized to creatively launch and orient the guests with BPI CARDS WONDERWORLD.

Staying true to the theme of the night, BPI introduced the new concept by someone playing as a female computer image on the screen which reminded me of the 80’s Max headroom – maybe she’s the daughter hehe 🙂

Abe Olandres of Yuga Tech and Azrael Coladilla of Azrael’s Merryland sharing their BPI card experiences

Here’s a summary of what BPI Wonderworld is all about:

  • BPI eCredit Card, the first-ever virtual credit card exclusively designed for online shopping, BPI MasterCard cardholders enjoy greater peace of mind when shopping online. Because it is a companion card of the BPI Express Credit MasterCard variants— Blue, Gold, Edge, Petron and Skymiles—it uses a different card number with its own sub-limit that cardholders can set and adjust as they need it.
  • My ePrepaid card—a no-hassle, no-approval-required, reloadable prepaid card that empowers its holders to buy whatever they want from the widest selection of MasterCard-affiliated online shopping sites without having to worry about submitting documents or maintaining a balance.
  • www.BPICards.com, an interactive website where one can obtain up-to-date information on BPI cards features, promotions, and other items of interest to cardholders.
  • DealMania.ph, a deal-buying site exclusive to BPI cardholders which is featured on the main page of BPICards.com.  It gives up-to-date information on ongoing sales and promos from partner restaurants, hotels, wellness establishments, and many others more.

As part of the event,  media, bloggers and guests were given a chance to win special prizes for live posting and tagging.  Five Blackberry Phones were given away and 10 bloggers received 1,000 pesos shopping credits.

Congratulations to Rey Belen (of Reybelen.com and GirlandBoyThing.com)  and Darwin Cayetano who each won a new Blackberry Phone.

Here are the winners of the 1,000 pesos shopping credits:

The party immediately started after the announcement of winners – it’s an open bar so it’s really a party!!! 🙂

Alwin, Marjorie, Mhel, Ruth and Darwin
Ken and Tiffany
Marjorie, Alwin, Ruth, Mhel, Tiffany and Myke

Alexei, Myke, Carlo and Darwin

And here are some borrowed photos that includes yours truly from the camera of Rey Belen (Thanks bro!)  Visit his blog at ReyBelen.com:

Rain and Rey rushing to upload posts and pics for the live blogging contest
Alwin, Rain, Ruth, Myke, Ken, Mhel, Marjorie, Rhea, Enzo and Carlo – photo courtesy of Rey Belen


BPI really know how to throw a party! 🙂

Bloggers received their PR kits through a BPI baller Id Bands (usb) and their very own ‘my ePrepaid Master Cards’.  Here’s mine:

For more information about BPI Cards Wonderworld check out my post BPI CARDS WONDERWORLD Here and Now or log on to www.BPICards.com and LIKE them also on Facebook BPI Cards Wonderworld

Thanks to Ms. Rhea Grace Dela Cruz and Ms. Mhel Ignacio for the invitation.  Visit her blogs at:


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  1. Though I don’t like how I look in most of your photos, it just shows I was having fun last night ’cause I didn’t notice you clicking away so it’s all good. Wag mo lang ako itatag sa FB! Hahaha.

    Glad you had fun! Looking forward to using my BPI ePrepaid Mastercard too! We’ll see each other again soon! ^_^

    (Oh, thank you for link-ups ^_^)