Regal Entertainment, Inc. producers of the Shake, Rattle and Roll  horror flicks franchise presents ASWANG The Movie which premieres on October 30, 2011 at SM Megamall and will be shown in Philippine theaters starting November 2, 2011.



A horrible and traumatic event in Manila leaves Anya (Jillian Ward) and Gabriel (Albie Casino) orphans and running for their lives to a strange provincial town after being chased by ruthless hitmen (Mark Abaya, Nina Jose and Paulo Avelino).  Daniel (Paulo Avelino) will become an important part in the lives of the two fleeing kids and also the strange and bewitching Jasmin (Lovi Poe).  Daniel and Jasmin connected by the same sad fate they’re both in and by their desire to change their destiny.


This film was directed by Filipino composer and director Jerrold Tarog, famous for his shorts like ‘FACULTY’, ‘LISAN’, ‘ASTIG’, and his 2007 award-winning first full length film “CONFESSIONAL.”  His first commercial film project with Regal Films was the 2010 Shake, Rattle and Roll XII Episode: Punerarya which stars Carla Abellana, Sid Lucero, Mart Escudero, Nash Aguas, Gaby dela Merced, Anna Vicente, Jess Evardone and Odette Khan.

ASWANG is his 2nd Commercial movie release and his 5th full length career film as a Director.


The film stars Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino in their first starring role.  Supported by Mark Abaya, Nina Jose, Jillian Ward, Joem Bascon, Precious Lara Quigaman and Introducing Albie Casino.


This film is intended for Filipino audiences and should be reviewed with regards to both its entertainment and technical elements or values based on the current local standards.

I think the plot although somewhat predictable is very strong.  I’d like to commend the writers for preparing some impressive characterization. It was not meant to be some kind of a horror film that will scare you off your seats but instead focuses on the events and the lives and attributes of the characters and how everything unfolds in lieu of the conflicting events.  I think the story is a cross between a lukewarm star-crossed love story and a fantasy film, which seems to be the trend nowadays in majority of the films in both local and international.  I love how the story ends and how the writers prepared for us a little epilogue to set the stage for a sequel.  The creature concept is really interesting and original.  I only think that the writers should have focused in building a stronger character for the “abwaks” specially on their tribe leaders to make the conflict more crushing and the battle an epic one.  I also think, as I said to fellow bloggers during the special screening, that the character of Guido is so strong that it deserves to be in the sequel.  From what it looks like in the ending, I think that is very much possible.  Another reason for you to see this film is to find out who among the present characters will be in the part two. ๐Ÿ™‚
It was a traditional Regal Fantasy Film from start to finish. I love the very cinematic opening and editing.  The music and sound scoring is superb.  I think more imagination should have been exerted though in creating the look of the creatures and their costumes.  The “Abwaks” should have looked a little different from the ordinary citizen – perhaps taller, more powerful or even more good looking than the town-folks. ๐Ÿ™‚  The tribe leaders specially the “Impo”, in my opinion, should have been characterized by someone that exudes power and charisma and not by an old deformed person.  The set or production designs, specially in the plantation is, sad to say a little mediocre – the noticeable fabricated wooden furniture sets, the curtains and drapes all over the corridors, hanging skeletons and chains was a little too much for my taste. ๐Ÿ™‚  Production designs should have relied on old and scary vintage furnitures and accents to make a scent of macabre in the place.  That would have been enough.  One thing that I really don’t get in the movie was the love scene between Lovi and Paulo which is somewhat irrelevant – but I know a lot of movie-goers and fans will want to see that!  One special thing about this film is the effort done on the underground battle scene.  That was really wonderful and very imaginative!  Great Idea!
What can I say, all the actors are just right for the film.  Lovi Poe’s mysterious charm, Paulo Avelino’s hunky boy-next-door look, Jillian’s cuteness and I’d like to commend Mark Abaya for a very wonderful and realistic performance.  Two thumbs up to you sir!

Albie Casino was great for the part, although, I think more emotions should have been delivered, but considering that this is his first movie – he passed the test!

Nina, Precious and Joem are just so sexy and their acting even sexier.

In General, ASWANG DESERVES AN AUDIENCE! ย And I will be looking forward to a more exciting and action-packed sequel. ย Bring your umbrellas to the theater. ย  I’ll give it a SIGNAL No. 2 – No Classes on many schools because they’ll be watching this movie!ย 

Congratulations to Regal Films and Writer/Director Jerrold Tarog and the cast and crew of “ASWANG” and to everyone have a Happy Halloween!

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