It’s the dawn of SEPTEMBER and I am doing an informal survey about people who were born on this amazing month – just like me.


I have always wanted to document the different characteristics and personalities of people who were born in September.  Of course, I have read some generic zodiac descriptions which describes people who were born on that month.  However, never a detailed first-hand and local testimony.  And September-born people is divided into two zodiac signs which is LIBRA and the Dominant VIRGO.  I am a Virgo of course.  And there are those who were born on the year of the Ox, the Rabbit, etc. – this are all too complicated.  I wanted a more simple but a more accurate description of the September-born person.

So this experimental survey will be about people who were born in September, regardless of year and zodiac signs.

In brief, please do participate by commenting on this post and describe what kind of a September-born person are you.  Your personalities, negative and positive traits – anything and everything that makes you a unique individual.

This survey will run from the moment this post is published until September 25 –  which will give me at least a week to blog about the result and summary of this survey, and maybe give a big picture of what a September-born person feels like.

This is not a contest but a survey.  But I am compelled to give the most beautiful comment in this post a reward for his or her effort.  One participant will receive an item from Forever Living Products Philippines – I don’t know what item yet.  I’ll announce the item by mid- September or earlier, as soon as I’ve decided on what the item will be.  Please include your email address on your comment so I’ll be able to contact you if you’ve been selected.

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone who will participate in this mini-survey in advance and if you like this blog please don’t forget to follow or subscribe and like the raincheck FB page as well.

Happy Birthday to Everyone!

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  1. suggestion… you can provide objective questions so we’ll just have to choose the answer then essay could come at the end of the survey. In that way, you can easily tally the result and made conclusions based on it. I’m excited to get the price! (“,)

    1. hehe.. i’m not really going for the scientific approach – it’s more like having you practice a bit of introspection for this survey. 🙂 And maybe we all could learn from this. Our similarities, our differences, our preferences, our outlook in life, etc.

  2. hi there; kuya ryan!!! i hope you still remember me.
    and i’m happy to hear that we have same birthmonth, and ofcourse with mama mary.. yehey
    and i guess im a kind of person that has a lot of question in mind that’s why more often times make mistake but at the end of the day i learn from it…
    and can i also say that people born in september are very faithfull partner but dont ever hurt them because they can be very bad as well.
    happy birthday to all of us!!!! cheers……

    1. I know I will be able to remember you.. however, you forgot to mention your name hehehe 🙂 Anyway, just reply back and log your name here with your email address. Questions move us and always a faithful partner – very nice insights 🙂 Thanks for the entry.

  3. Kuya rain, ako september born din! I’m not really into horoscopes or anything. I believe more in what each of us can do if we have the willingness to help others etc. But just because you asked for it, I noticed that most virgo-born are kind of meticulous & are sensitive to details to the point that some people classify them as “perfectionist”. I’m kind of like that in so many ways. I always want to do my best, not necessarily to be the best. Because I believe I wouldn’t want to think about what could’ve been if I had not exerted my best (effort). I dunno much if you could classify that answer to negative or positive. But that’s what I had noticed about me & my Virgo friends. Lastly, when we want something so bad, nothing could stop us from getting that thing. Would you call that goal-oriented? Siguro, we’re born as go-getters!

  4. Hi there! Can’t help but respond to this interesting survey by a fellow Virgo. I was born on the year of the Dragon to which I credit my fascination with anything mythical. I would like to believe I am creative, fun-loving, sentimental and sensitive. I prepare doing the dirty works and off the spotlight and feel great when appreciated and honored for hard work. I am a family man who finds joy in the simplest things: my wife’s smile, my son’s calling me daddy all over and over, and a good night sleep with them in one bed. “Negative” traits? Hmm… I am such an alaskador, a make up story teller (blame the Dragon), and a joker (to people who I am close with) that some of my relatives and friends sometimes think twice if what I am telling them is true. But nothing below the belt naman when I deliver the punch line since I don’t want to be branded insensitive. I don’t know if being OA on certain things is a negative trait like giving more I can give and making white lies just to reach my goals. I hope people would just see it as being passionate. And btw, advance happy birthday to you, Rain! 🙂

    1. Wow! Thanks for the awesome response sir Richard! Much obliged! Year of the Dragon hmmm… 1988 I’d presume? Creative, Fun-loving, hard-working, family -oriented, sentimental and sensitive – that pretty much sums it all up. Virgo nga talaga 🙂 hehe – Happy Birthday also and have a great one this year!

  5. Just like them, can’t help but comment being a certified Virgo 🙂
    I often find myself giving a helping hand to a friend [ really hope they would remember that ] 🙂 regardless if credits sometimes is given to another person, call it low profile. But the most evident on a Virgo character is our being OC [Obsessive-Compulsive] nature, I tend to be visually perfectionist, every little detail counts. Close friends says we are a natural joker, a jester maybe, But the downside, sometimes can’t help myself being tactless, and I’m really working on it, yes Virgo is such an observer and a critic, an intelligence that is commonly applied to our day-to-day living.
    I hope this would help on your survey, 🙂

    1. Yes it did Ms. Daryll 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Somehow, even though I don’t want to admit it sometimes – I think you’re right, we are so OC hehe. Thanks again and Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  6. Hi guys sorry for the delay.. and thanks for the wonderful sharing! 🙂 I’ll have another September-born friend to look at the comments on this page and select the most outstanding. Will announce the chosen one probably by mid-October. Thanks again! 🙂