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Have you heard about the new SILI BURGER of Tropical Hut?

I was supposed to get my new ATM card at BPI Greenhills but because of the heavy traffic, I got to the bank a few minutes too late.  Hungry and a bit frustrated, my feet led me to the Greenhills Shopping Center.

Strolling around Greenhills Shopping Center, I stumbled upon the old Tropical Hut Restaurant.  Yes, it’s still there folks and it didn’t change a bit. Feeling Nostalgic, I went inside, looked around and browsed their menu boards even though I already know what I was going to order there – I always go for their delicious Spaghetti.

However, I was curious about this new burger on their menu that they call SILI BURGER,  so I ordered one for dine in together with a plate of their spaghetti meal.

I was kinda excited to taste the new SILI BURGER.  I know that Tropical Hut’s Hamburger is really very tasty – and I was hoping that the new burger will be a different experience.

Well it was different, but not what I really expected.  The burger and the bun tasted good but it’s just so ordinary.  You can see that bits of chili (SILI) was added on the patty but it was just not hot enough for my taste.  In fact, it really tasted bland.  Not enough to excite my taste buds.  And the sauce is a so-so.

I was disappointed with the burger but thank God for that delicious spag! I love Tropical Hut’s Spaghetti.  Never mind the Sili Burger.Have You Tasted The New Tropical Hut Sili Burger?

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