It was a very boring Sunday and we haven’t decided on what to do.  The only thing on the To-Do List is 1.) Attend Mass and 2.) Go to the grocery store.

We spent the whole day figuring out where to go with the kids and because it was a very boring list, the two items remained the same until 3:30pm.  And then… (du-du-duuuuh) – I said, Let’s go to Tagaytay!

What the heck are we going to do in Tagaytay???  – It was already 3:30 in the afternoon.

Well.. 1.) Attend Mass and 2.) Go to the grocery

So in haste, we saddled up and drove to Tagaytay.  We took the SLEX path to Sta. Rosa but not before we picked up some snacks for the trip so we drove by Kowloon West and got us some messy but delicious Siopao (they’re still the best tasting).  We also bought a regular yum and fries for Sky because she wont eat her Siopao.

It took us about an hour to get to our first stop.  The Our Lady of Lourdes Parish along Aguinaldo Hi Way, about 3-5 mins away from Olivarez (Rotonda).  The place is so serene and peaceful just like the whole of Tagaytay.

The Church’s Facade
The Our Lady of Lourdes
The Grotto
Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
Candle Chapel

Our next stop was the grocery store.  We have two options: Robinsons Supermarket at Summit Ridge or Savemore at Mendez Crossing.  We’ve decided to shop at Savemore.

Our last stop was dinner.  And we have two options again:  Foreign dishes and coffee at “Bag of Beans” or Pinoy delicacies and Bulalo at the Green ATS restaurant.  We’ve decided that all our taste buds would be satisfied by some heavy Filipino meal so we headed for Green ATS.

Green ATS

We ordered, of course – Bulalo, then their famous Fried Tawilis, a plate of Pancit Canton and Lechon Kawali.

The fantastic tasting dinner was paired with a fantastic night view of Taal lake and the cool and familiar Tagaytay breeze that we know.

After dinner, and before we head off back to Manila, we made a quick stop at the Shell gas station for gas and to enjoy the breeze.  The shell gas station area is said to be the coolest (by this I mean, the coldest) part of Tagaytay.  It was pretty cold actually – but that claim is yet to be contested.  I’ve stayed at Poveda and that place is also very very cold.

It was a very far away place to attend a Sunday Mass and buy some groceries – but it was all worth it.  And at least, we were able to take a break from the very hot Metro Manila.

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