PNOY: The New Aquino

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to our new President and Vice-President! 

Here are some of my personal experiences and feelings about the NoyNoy and Binay Inaugural.

I was not present in Quirino Grandstand and the inaugural concert party at the Quezon City Circle, but i have watched bits and pieces of the two events in the news and in the internet.  So, these are mostly just some light and funny observations and reactions from people around me.

Let’s start with my young girl, Sky.

When asked: “Do you know who is our new President?”

She quickly answered and with conviction, “NOYNOY”

Then she was asked again: “What is President Noy Noy’s last name?”

Again with conviction she answered: “PALABOY” (sounded more like ‘palabok’  but we got what she was saying)

So our new President is  “NOYNOY PALABOY” 🙂 hahahaha.

With that we therefore conclude that our new heads of state would be: “NOYNOY PALABOY” and “JEJEMON BINAY” :))

In another news, PGMA was said to have been given a 21 gun salute as a farewell to the former President.

I asked why give her that honor.

Someone (name witheld) answered, ‘Well it is just customary to do that.’

“However..”  she quickly added.

“It would be nice if that 21 gun salute were aimed at her.” 🙂 hahahaha

In related news, NoyNoy was seen offering PGMA a hand 2 times but she did not respond to that gesture.. they said that maybe PGMA was afraid that PNOY has a handcuff hidden somewhere and that she was to be arrested. :)) hehehehe

Many professional image builders were quite skeptical with the 2 new heads of state during the election period.  Mainly because of two simple reasons:  NoyNoy’s receding hairline and Jejomar’s dark skin. 🙂

They see these as a sign of weakness and that they were not the right person to represent the Filipinos in the international communities. 

In fairness, I see it as a sign of hardwork and commitment.

The image builders’ advise?:

Hire celebrities and make them cabinet members so they will be the one to represent them. 🙂

During the inaugral, it was noted that Kris Aquino was sad the whole time.  Of course we all know that it was about her break up with partner James Yap.  She really knows how to project and maybe all the critics were right that she was out there to steal the limelight once again.  Everyone else was full of energy and very happy while she was gloomy all day.  That got her several interviews!  Success! 🙂

One taxi driver also commented that PNoy won mainly because of star power – Kris Aquino was instrumental to his success.  Everyone is so excited for an all star cast in Cabinet Positions..well, maybe not now, but in later years.

Others commented that PNoy is setting up a recycled cabinet member – I said good!  Because our country also has recycled problems.  The same problems over and over and over again. 🙂

Well, I hope the new President and Vice-President will live up to the expectations of those who voted for him and all the Filipino people craving for change and true progress.  God help us all! 

What I did enjoy very much during the inaugural was Noel Cabangon’s song: “Ako’y Isang Mabuting Pilipino.”  – For me that was the real oath-taking ceremony.  Watch the video below:


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