It’s a Rainy Wednesday Afternoon.
And for some reason after paying the electricity bill at Escoda, I felt a sudden urge to go to Rizal Park (insert twilight zone theme music).  After 30 minutes of hesitation, I went there with no guns or ammos, “Bahala Na!”  I really don’t know what I’m going to find there or what I’m going to do there – all I know is that I have my camera with me and it’s drizzling.

As expected, Rizal Park is still the same old boring place – I haven’t been here since who knows when. All I know is that the place is dead and filled with zombies. (hehehehe)

But, as I was walking around the place and after seeing the monument of Rizal from afar, I sensed a certain beauty from the place that I have never seen before.
No matter how boring the place was and the weather may be, still a mixture people flocks the place.

The benches around the park area are filled with lovers in pairs, sleeping homeless people and some other by their lonesome just daydreaming on a lazy rainy wednesday afternoon.

There are also students from every corner doing their practices – some stayed on the wet grasses around the statue of Lapu-Lapu while some paid 15 pesos to have a more private group activity inside the Japanese Garden.

There are also foreigners going from markers to markers having their pictures taken. Mostly Japanese.  

And then I thought.  This boring and oh so familiar place is still alive. I stand corrected. It’s not dead and it’s not being inhabited by zombies. But there are a lot of ALIENS though(Foreigners- hehehe).

It felt good being there.

I felt ‘foreign’ at first, but I’m not ashamed nor afraid anymore.

I am definitely glad that I was there at Rizal Park..  alone, on an ordinary, rainy, Wednesday, boring afternoon.

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