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Top 10 High-Paying Jobs for Newly Grads in the Philippines

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According to the JobStreet.com Annual Salary Report the highest paying industry for entry level employees or fresh graduate applicants this year is Travel, Tourism and Telecommunications.

Travel and Tourism offers a wide range of jobs for fresh graduates which includes cabin crews, junior payable analysts, reservation officers, digital marketing specialists and many others.  Hotels on the other hand offers desk staff, sales and hotel representative positions

The Telecommunications sector welcomes newly grads with Engineering background.  HR positions, graphic artists and research assistants are just some of the most common job positions telecoms are posting.  IT companies are usually in continuous search of SAP consultants, software engineers and technical support.

Here’s a list of the top 10 highest paying industry for newly grads today according to the JobStreet.com Report:10153974_10152320394252287_6893215624898294546_n


Job Hunting Tips for Newly Grads

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MC_Scholarship_2010Based on the recent labor force survey, out of the 39.41 million work-able Filipinos in January 2014, 2.96 million are jobless.  The unemployment rate rose to 7.5% this year from 7.1% last year according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.  Which makes the future of the 700,000 fresh college graduates of 2014 a little more challenging.

But the future isn’t too bad for the newly grads.  According to a report made by JobStreet.com, the leading online recruitment company in Asia , around 200,000 job opening for fresh graduates were posted on JobStreet in 2013 with companies offering an average salary of 16,700 pesos.  83% of companies that used JobStreet.com hired fresh graduates and most were hired for accounting and finance, human resources, and marketing departments.

Fresh graduates of 2014 are free to choose from over 100,000 jobs that are now available on JobStreet.com, all they need now is determination and the proper leverages.

Here are a couple of things I’ve picked up from the recent survey conducted by JobStreet.com that might increase their chances of getting employed.

77% of companies still prefers fresh graduates from the following schools: UP, UST, La Salle, Ateneo, PLM, PNU and PUP.


94% of companies however said that they will still hire fresh graduates even if they did not come from the universities mentioned above, so long as they possess the following skills:

Willingness To Learn
Honesty and Integrity
Communication Skills (able to communicate in English)
Tech Know-How

Some of the major concerns of employers when it comes to hiring newly grads are: 

Job Hoppers
Lack of Acceptable Oral Communication Skills
Lack of Professionalism
High Salary Expectations
They Do Not Read Carefully the Job Requirements Posted on Job Ads

According to employers, fresh graduates should highlight their internship experience, grades and extra-curricular activities on their resume.

Speaking of resumes, according to JobStreet’s Marketing Director Yolanda Buyco and Marketing Communications Manager Eileen Camarillo-Go, the new JobStreet.com homepage is packed with new features that makes it easy for fresh graduates to land on the job of their dreams starting with a fast sign-up procedure and an easy-to-use online resume.

Jobs in Philippines  Job Search  Job Employment  Apply Job  Jobs in Manila  Work Abroad

The new resume has on-the-go features that allows you to automatically update even the ones that you have already sent out to companies.  The new homepage also features a streamlined design and promises only an average of 10 requirements.  They also announced a new and improved activity monitoring tool and graph that will allow you to see your current employability standing against other applicants.

JobStreet Country Manager Grace Colet said that the ultimate goal of the company is to be able to get a qualified applicants hired in just one week.  Out of the 22,000 companies in the Philippines, 80% are using JobStreet.com so there are a lot of potentials for matching job-seekers to the right industry.

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RHIAN RAMOS on Love, Life and Living

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It’s no secret that Rhian Ramos and KC Montero are in a relationship and in fact, Rhian says they are still very much in love with each other.

After both of them broke free from their past controversial relationships, KC and Rhian are happy to be celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple this year.

Asked whether Rhian already has a gift in mind for her boyfriend, she teased that she is planning to give him “something he would love to wear.”

“Pinagiisipan ko pa but I think I am going to give him a clothing item. I’m not sure yet kasi hindi naman ako magaling na stylist for men (laughs). Pero from what I know kasi what men value is yung mga ties and cufflinks, belts and watches and stuff like that so I am thinking of something na masusuot niya,” said Rhian in an interview on the set of “Indio.”

Even when she was single, Rhian had always made Valentine’s Day special and she even had a different name for it.

“Hindi naman every Valentine’s ay may ka-Valentine’s ako. Usually kasi I have this group of friends na may panahon when the three of us were all single. Ginawa ko silang ka-Valentine’s ko and then we called the day ‘Rhian’s Friendship Day’. And then hanggang sa ‘yung isa nagka-girlfriend na, yung girl naman nagka-boyfriend niya, so may kanya-kanya na kaming Valentine’s Day,” she said.

“Single or not naging part talaga ng year ko ang Valentine’s Day. I always make an event of it. Sometimes, nung wala akong ka-Valentine’s, ginawa kong ibang event. If for the whole year nahiya ka to show how you really feel, it’s the one day na puwede kang magpaka-totoo and you can do something nice for people,” she continued.

In an interview with Rhian in December 2012, she said that the past year was a “crazy” year for her. So, how does her 2013 fare so far?

“So far everything has been ‘ideal.’ Things are really looking out for me in so many different ways. Everything was so positive especially towards the end of the year (2012) but at the same time I was really very very busy. What I like about the start of 2013 is that sa ‘Indio’ lang talaga ako naka-focus so the other days I have time to spend with the people I love,” she explained.

Apart from her TV series, Rhian has already graced the covers of two magazines this year and has just finished her pictorial for an upcoming issue. 

Although she is not allowed to divulge any detail of the upcoming magazine cover, which is coming out in March, she offered a “teaser” of what to expect.

“It will be very different from what people are used to. I was really very nervous about it kasi if it’s different from what people are used to then it is definitely more different from what I AM used to (laughs),” she said.

Although Rhian is relatively “young” in the industry, she has successfully proven her versatility by portraying various types of characters in her previous TV shows and films. Is there anything more she has not yet done?

“Feeling ko yung kulang na lang sa akin ay yung masubukan yung medyo action. In all of the shows/projects that I do kasi, I always favored characters with a love angle. So if I can do an action-romance story, that would be an ‘ideal’ for me,” said the actress.

Despite very tough competition in the primetime block among the country’s major TV networks, Rhian is unfazed by the ratings game. Although she is happy that ‘Indio’ is performing well in the ratings, the numbers aren’t really her source of inspiration for doing her job well.

“I’ve always felt kasi na for as long as you do your job right, you shouldn’t worry about other things. Kasi yung ratings game it’s really not for me e and it clouds up the work that I do. Pagka yun yong iniisip ko sa set, di ko magagawa ng maayos yung trabaho ko kasi iba yung goal mo e, hindi believability yung goal mo kundi iba,” she shared.

“I always tell myself before going to the set to forget about ratings, box office, and billing. It doesn’t matter kung sino yung lalabas na bida sa eksena na ‘to as long as makumpleto mo yung point ng character mo kung bakit nandun siya sa eksena,” added Rhian.

With her busy schedule, it must be tough to be Rhian Ramos. Does she plan to spend a much-deserved vacation after her “Indio”?

“Gusto ko talaga magbakasyon kasi hindi ako nakapag-bakasyon nung Christmas because of the film festival,” she explained.

“If I were given a month, the first week I’ll probably spend it in Thailand because my dad lives there and everything’s cheap and everything tastes good. And then gusto ko ring mag-States kasi mas murang mag-shopping dun. I mean for sure ang idea ng marami na ‘pag sa States ka magsho-shopping ibig sabihin ay mahal pero sa totoo lang may mga brand talaga dun na lalabas na mas mura kaysa dito. Tsaka ‘pag nag-sale dun talagang totoong sale. Besides, may mga kaibigan din kasi ako don kaya masaya,” she said.

In “Indio,” Rhian plays the part of “Magayon,” the goddess of all flying creatures. Magayon camouflages herself as an eagle and she possesses the power to command all winged species. The goddess serves as Malaya/Simeon/Indio’s (Bong Revilla, Jr.) protector and the source of the lead character’s supernatural powers.

MERALCO Receives Employer of the Year Award during the 49th Annual PMAP Conference

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MERALCO has two great reasons to celebrate this Month.

First is the launching of their newest innovation – the MeralcO Virtual Engine APP or MOVE App

Second, Meralco was recognized as the 2012 Employer of the Year (EOY) during the 36th edition of the PMAP Awards.  The company became the third organization to receive the recognition for a second time, 32 years since it got the first award.  Unilab  (1979 and 2001) and Del Monte Philippines (1998 and 2003) are the other companies who accomplished the feat.

Meralco Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan himself led the delegation of the company who received the prestigious award on stage.

The 49th People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Annual Conference was held at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City last week with the theme, Revolutionizing People Management: Great Minds, Bold Changes, Unparalleled Results.

The 3-day event dubbed as the biggest gathering of HR professionals and people managers in the country reflects the wave of revolutions on the political front and how businesses and organizations share the same challenge of not only changing leaders but also changing the way leaders manage people.

Meralco President and CEO Oscar S. Reyes delivered a rousing speech to the delegates.

He talked about how innovation and technology has helped in the growth and development of the country and sent a challenge to everyone that day, “Much can be done in a relatively short period of time. Others have done it and we too can do it. But we should work for it.”

Education Secretary Armin A. Luistro gave an equally motivating talk and even confessed that PMAP is one of the few organizations that has convinced him to wear a suit as he is used to delivering speech in barong. He talks about leadership and describe a good leader as someone who knows “what happens in the heart and mind of those we are leading.”

Bank of Philippine Island, 1990 EOY winner, bags this year’s People Program of the Year (PPY) award.

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) is a professional, non-stock, not-for-profit organization of over 1,800 member companies and individual practitioners engaged or interested in HR/IR work.

Help Wanted

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Here’s a typical local job wanted advertisement box that you’ll find on leading newspapers today and specially on Sundays:

Worker Needed

Female Only

not more than 28 years old

with at least 1 year experience

My interpretation:

Female Only

Well, if you’re a male you got no chance of getting a job there and believe me, majority of the ads that you’ll find on newspapers these days prefers female workers than male for reasons that aren’t so clear to me.  I’m going to generalize that this would mean that there are more job opportunities for female workers than male.  So probably, there will be more male ‘tambays’ than female.  And you’ll be seeing more and more male carrying babies in the streets kissing their wives every morning before the new ‘heads of the family’ goes to work.

Some people are quick to judge men of being just lazy but look at the present social structure that they are living in right now.  I will bet my new pants that if you count and categorize workers right now, a lot of companies will have more female than male, and majority of the males are either drivers, maintenance people, messengers or guards.  However, it’s really ironic but most of the top management positions and even the owners of these companies are mostly male.

not more than 28 years old

This could be the new standard age limit for most non-technical and semi-technical job opportunities which qualifies majority of the able workers here in the Philippines.  However, what about those who are 29 years and older?  What opportunities do they have if after their 28th birthday and they aren’t still successful of establishing a career or even a stable job?  Majority of those in the bracket of 30ish and up are already settled down and with kids.  How are they to support their kids if there are no job opportunities available for them?

with at least 1 year experience

Now this is truly ridiculous, well if you’re in the bracket of below 28 years old, most probably you’ll still be looking for work experiences but majority of the ads i see requires job seekers to have at least a year’s work experience on the same field.  A friend of mine commented saying: “Langya’ kaya ka nga nag-aaply ng trabaho para magkaroon ng experience tapos hahanapan ka ng experience.”  What does this mean – well, if you’ve just graduated, this job is not for you and maybe majority of the jobs being advertised are not for you.  What a bummer, finish four years of college and you still need an experience to get a job, but how are you gonna get an experience if no one will hire you in the first place.  What a dumb society we live in.

We have the most unfair employment criteria in the world.  In other places it is illegal to indicate age or gender as requirement for work, not unless it is deemed necessary.

Another indication of this is what my OCW friends told me – and they almost sang the message symphony-like.  They told me that in the countries where they work (and they work in different places), most establishments don’t have any age or gender requirement.  As long as you are fit and able and passed all the interviews you’ll most likely to get the job. 

The stupidest thing is that here in the Philippines, agencies who handle recruitment of workers for the same establishments for the same countries my friends mentioned, added in the age and gender requirements.

Apparently, if you wanted to get that job and you didn’t pass the age and gender requirement, you’ll have to go to that country and apply personally because the agencies here are making it impossible for a lot of people to get it.

It’s hard to get a heads up when there are a lot of system of injustices and unfair practices prevailing in our society.  Life is harder as it is but other people tend to make it even harder for others.       

Showing Respect at Work

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You can demonstrate respect with these simple, yet powerful actions:

1. Treat people always and at all circumstances with courtesy and kindness .

2. Encourage everyone to express their opinions and ideas freely.

3. Never insult people, call them names, talk behind their backs, put down people or their ideas.

4. Treat people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, size, or age. Implement policies and procedures consistently so people feel that they are treated fairly and equally. Treating people differently can constitute harassment or a hostile work environment.

5. Praise much more frequently than you criticize.

These 5 tips constitute a solid foundation for a respectful environment. Implemented consistently at work, these actions help ensure a considerate and professional work place.

7 Steps to Peace of Mind

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1. Forgive others with no sense of condemnation. Do not give forgiveness on an installment plan. A difficult habit to learn but one that is worth doing.

2. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. Forget the errors of yesterday and live fully today. Learn from your blunders but do not dwell on it. To err may be a human failing but to forgive is a great human achievement. Forgive yourself and achieve your fulfillment as a human being.

3. Keep up with yourself and not with someone else. Trying to imitate others merely forces you to play second fiddle. You can’t be someone else you can only be yourself – imitation is but an illusion. Every day you must try to be your own self and make your self image grow. A mirror is a friend for those who are loss.

4. See yourself at your best and stop concentrating on your worst. You are your most wicked enemy when you torture yourself with feelings of frustration every day. Focus on your goals and your strengths. Remember that when your strength grows, your weaknesses lessens. Transform your weakness into strengths by concentrating on the what you can do.

5. Do not rush. Plan your time wisely by focusing on the important things and do not hesitate to refuse to take on unimportant and burdensome tasks. Don’t procrastinate on things that are urgent and important. Prioritize and learn to say no.

6. Do not be apprehensive of the future. Focus on what is at hand. Work on your present goals and the future will take care of itself.

7. Have faith. Put your trust in God and forget all fears. “Cast your burdens upon Him those who are burdened, come to Him all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads and He will give you rest.”


What was your greatest achievement so far?

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I was looking at this routine question for a job interview in the internet.

“What was your greatest achievement so far?”

It caught my attention because, 1). it’s like a question that would likely be addressed to Homer Simpson and then I laughed at some of his possible answers.. and, 2). because frankly, it’s a question I haven’t thought about yet.

So I paused and then contemplate on my answer.  I imagined writing a lot of figures and references on the space provided but instead my answer appeared like this:


I was able to accomplish all the projects and programs that i’ve handled with flying colors even if it is out of my league.

I was fortunate to have been a part and be transformed as an instrument for developing programs that helps people most specially the poor.

I was able to meet a lot of people and somehow made an impact in their lives no matter how little or big.

These things did not make me rich.. but I am blessed with friends abundantly.

I may not have made a career out of the things that I do.. but the experiences and memories are worth more than any treasures in the world.


My Family.

I have been blessed with two wonderful and loving kids and a very understanding and exceptional wife.

I wouldn’t ask for anything more.

(except for a house with a garage, car, trust fund for the kids, pocket cash for our family vacation around the world… hehehe) – of course I edited this part out. :)


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Baligtad na nga ang buhay ngayon… 

mas madaming babae ang nagtatrabaho kaysa sa lalaki…
paano… mantakin n’yo,
mas maraming negosyo na babae ang mas gusto nilang trabahador,
kahit na pwede naman lalaki ang gumawa… e babae ang gusto.
Kaya tuloy ang lalaki walang mahanap na trabaho…
Ganunpaman, mas marami pa ring lalaki ang humahawak ng mga matataas na posisyon sa kumpanya.
Kaya nga puro babae ang kinukuhang trabahador e… ano pa ba. 


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For those of you who thought that work is just a four-letter word, think again.

We study and try to learn in school for so many different reasons.

An old friend once told me a very interesting analogy between two different type of students studying in the Philippines.  A young chinoy (Filipino-Chinese), he said, is sent to good schools by his parents so that someday he will be capable of managing their family business or even manage his own business; while a young native-born Filipino is sent to good schools so that someday he will be able to find good work and bring home a good pay.

Although it is good to think that this analogy would lead many of our young people to realize that they too are given the same chance as the chinoys to be entrepreneurs someday, however, it does not mean that there is lesser honor in being an ordinary worker.  In fact, for one person to manage a business and a team of workers, that person must first understand the essence of work and he too must learn to become part of the team.

Here are five insights i’ve learned from writers, friends and from my personal experiences that made me think of working in a totally different light:

There is more to working than earning a living.

You don’t work to bring home a salary. Try to ask yourself these questions:
  1. Why am I working? or Why am I looking for work?
  2. Why do I need this salary?
  3. What keeps me working for this company?
The key is to keep asking yourself why and by the end of your self-inquiry you will have come face to face with your personal goal or an objective.  If you are a working student, it might be because you wanted to finish college, practice law and manage your own law firm or maybe because you want to get your own house, bring your kids to school and give them a better future.  Whatever it is, you don’t work just to earn a living.

You don’t work for your boss.

You work for yourself and your job is to give your best and that’s the way you enjoy your work.  Think of your application form as a registration paper to fight as a soldier for your country in times of war.  When you got hired, you went out to war but not without proper guidance and training. Your commander-in-chief or your boss gives you instructions and directions.  Now, if you signed up to fight for your commander-in-chief then by all means fight and die for your boss.  But you signed -up for a different mission and when you go out there with your guns and bullets you fight for this mission, and you fight to stay alive.  You work for your goals and you work for yourself.

You are competing against people who love what they are doing.

Yes, work is a competition. Your opponents are your co-workers and so are the rest of the working population on this planet. But the game is not measured in skills and knowledge. We are measured by the amount of love and dedication we give to our work and our co-workers.

You always had a choice. Change your attitude or change your job.

How many times have I heard complaints about co-workers, bosses and organizational systems that doesn’t seem to jive at our expectations.
Andrew Matthews, well-loved speaker, cartoonist and author of “Follow your Heart,” said that our primary mission in life is not to change the world but to change ourselves. The key to this concept is to deeply understand a person and a situation and to try to see things in a different lens. With this unselfish act, you may be able to effect a change in yourself, in the way you see things around your work area and in the way you act at the same work situations that used to bother you and maybe, somehow cause a positive change to the other person or the situation. However, changing your attitude may not be as effective if you don’t really like what you are doing. Ask yourself if you love what you are doing right now, if not, then change your job and do something that you like or maybe just try to love what you are doing right now. Find out what interests you in your present job and always focus on your goal. A kitchen helper sings while he cooks because he knows that he’s going to be a singer someday. Meanwhile, he makes his job and his co-workers’ job more enjoyable by singing and performing for the rest of the kitchen staff during his shift.

The only ones among you who will be truly happy will be those who have sought and found how to serve.

Work requires commitment and commitment requires sacrifice. Sacrifice is offering oneself for something that you believe in. When I was asked by a friend to give an example of a real service in work, only one thing came to mind: teaching. I could have answered missionary work, priestly vocations, the armed forces but teachers have always amazed me. Especially those who never had the chance to marry because of their dedication to their work. Although sometimes you hear them say how much tired they are for doing the same things for years you’ll know that in their hearts they really love what they are doing and with that love comes a great sacrifice of service to educate and guide the future generations, and their real consolation is just to see this young and restless spirits grow to be productive members of the society.

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