In Memoriam: The Fallen Trees of Luneta Hill

Like a thief in the night, mother was robbed of 182 of her precious babies. I love malls.  I love SM.  My family and I have built a lot of great memories and celebrated a lot of events in different


*Here’s a poem I wrote with Sky for her CAE homework today.  🙂  STAERY THE CAT Staery the cat caught a mouse in my house. He chased it up, He chased it down. He chased it all across the town.


My favorite time of the day – DUSK or ‘Takip-Silim.’ There’s something magical about the blending of light and darkness when the sun sets.  When the heat of the afternoon is being lowered by the cool breeze of the evening.

Like Ants

Like ants, we are. Marching to the song of doom. Tiny, unpredictable beings on borrowed terrains. Whose fate is in the hands of those who decides to notice it. We march in order. We march as if we are in


Naghahanap… Nagmamadali… at unti-unti ng nawawalan ng pag-asa. Heto na naman po ako, sa parehong lugar noong kahapon. Kung saan hinangad din ang bukas na sana’y ngayo’y nakamtan na. Pero wala. Nakikinita-kinita, saan na naman mapupunta. Ano na naman ang


Oh gray and cloudy skies, have mercy on tiled heavy heads your sorrow pours as deep as my torment your tears flowed my heart bled hope and dried my conscience what wealth shall lie wasted in purpose i keenly crop


As I close my eyes… I see wet green grasses one rainy gloomy August afternoon Crystalline pavements lined with the tears of a sad and lonely sky. Ghosts of great men locked in stone, unknown yet remembered, adored by candles


daring and bold of hurried and restless and quick rivers of spirit the sun did shine still so heartless and cruel In slumber I imagined, to rest if you will;  but hours like daggers, so real as tomorrow, slashed through


Suddenly, it’s roses everywhere. Suddenly, it’s a beautiful wonderful day. Suddenly, it’s rainbows and bunny clouds; It’s butterflies and sun flowers; It’s ocean breeze and green grasses. Suddenly, you notice every single thing. The playful kittens on side walks; The


So long and goodbye. My heart trembles as I speak. The words, I’ve rehearsed and polished to the teeth, now unutterable. So many things might have been different, if only I had the chance to see what’s around the bend.

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