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GCash has increased the wallet load limit of heavy users to 500,000 Pesos!

A manifestation of the huge demand for cashless transactions over the past months, selected users have been receiving text messages from the official GCash text account saying the their load limit has changed to 500,000 Pesos.

Here’s what the legit message should contain:

For a minimum requirement of linking your bank account or debit card to Gcash, the user may be eligible to get an increase in wallet limit. Here’s a list of the recognized banks and debit cards:

And here are the new limits:

GCash has proven to be a very reliable tool for cashless transactions where you can send money and purchase products online or offline. The popular mobile wallet has proven time and again its effectiveness for doing cashless transactions but what the quarantine did was it tested the security features of the system which led to more people now believing more in its capabilities.

For more details about this wonderful news, READ HERE: GCASH 500,000 WALLET LIMIT INCREASE

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