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Many companies these days recognize the value of Diversity and Inclusion in the work environment. When a company welcomes diversity in its culture, a rich and wide talent pool opens up for them.

With inclusion, an environment where all employees are welcomed equally, everybody has the opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions, leading to the company’s continued innovation and success.

In Capital One Philippines, Diversity and Inclusion is embedded in the firm’s values and culture from the start. A huge part of Capital One’s commitment to D&I in the workplace are its Business Resource Groups (BRGs): OutFront Philippines and EmpowHer Women’s Network.

OutFront Philippines advocates for the members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community; while EmpowHer Women’s Network purposefully connects, empowers, and elevates women in the company.

“I have worked with other companies but none has taken D&I to heart  than Capital One,” shares Kaneth Santiago, leader of EmpowHer BRG. “Here, we strive to ensure that everyone participates in conversations and are given the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to the decision-making process. I am happy that in Capital One Philippines, I get to work with great leaders who consider people as their top priority.”

“I’ve always believed that talent is gender agnostic; success is not guaranteed by a single personality profile and talent is not beholden to gender. I’m proud to  work for a company that affirms this,” Kaneth added.

“Capital One values unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. There is a sense of belongingness for everyone,” says Raul Villarama, one of the leaders of OutFront BRG. OutFront’s Mae Jonson adds, “D&I is truly present and is felt here at COPSSC which makes us more comfortable to share our opinions and express our ideas.”

To further awareness of D&I, Capital One also hosts conversations on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE). They also hold sessions to further HIV Awareness among the associates.

Recently, EmpowHer BRG celebrated its 4th year with a Leadership Summit with the theme of Sustaining Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace. It was attended by 120 young leaders of the organization.By ensuring that each associate feels accepted, empowered, and included, Capital One Philippines, in turn, is able to develop and retain talent and leverage their different for the company’s lasting success.

“Diversity and inclusion is of great importance in the Capital One workplace. We encourage all of our associates to celebrate their own individuality and the unique qualities of all of their co-workers,” shared  Peter Hayden, Capital One Philippines General Manager. “Together, Capital One strives toward a common goal of creating an environment where our associates are inspired to bring the best versions of themselves to work and to accomplish the greatest work of their lives,” he added.

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