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When it comes to cosmetic surgery here in the Philippines, there are only a few names of medical professionals who seems to stood out from the list to be the most credible with some of the most advanced procedures.

One of whom is Dr. Claudine S. Roura, she is the first and remains to be the most experienced liposurgeon in the field of Vaserlipo and Vaser High Definition sculpture and the Hourglass lipo and tummy tucks in the Philippines since 2008.

Her high competency in the said procedures has earned her numerous praises from the community and of course from those who benefitted from it.

Dr. Roura studied Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas and completed her residency training at the Dermatology section of the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center.

She then served as an apprentice to prominent cosmetic surgeon Dr. Raul B. Guanzon, who was at the time a Fellow at the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery.

In 2003, she trained under Dr. Sorin Eremia with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery in Riverside, California USA.

On the interest of honing her skills in various advanced cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Roura attended specialized trainings and workshops abroad particularly with world-renowned Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons Dr. Gillermo Blugerman of Argentina, Dr. Pierre Fournier of France who is considered to be the “Father of Liposuction Surgery”, Dr. Wilberto Cotez of Houston Texas who is also called as “Dr. Hourglass”, and Dr. Steve Cohen of San Diego California who demonstrated Injectable Tissue Replacement and Regeneration.

In 2008, she trained under Dr. Alfredo Hoyos for the Vaser High Definition Liposculpture and also in 2014 for the 4D Lipo and 4D Tummy Tuck course conducted in Bogota, Colombia.

Currently, Dr. Roura specializes in body sculpting using natural enhancement techniques or the use of one own’s body fat from liposuction for autologous fat transfers to the breast, buttock and hips. Aside from the body these fats can also be used as a biofiller for the face to augment the cheeks, chin, hollow eyes, etc. Nanofat can be extracted from lipoaspirates and harness the regenerative power of fat for dramatic improvement of skin quality, discoloration, wrinkles and scars.

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